Copyright Infringement

All my images are copyright protected – all rights reserved.

That means, unless I give someone permission, they’re not allowed to use my images.

Using my images without my permission is breaking the law.

Pretending to be ignorant of the law, and/or ignoring the law is no excuse when you go to court.

Yesterday, a big chunk of my day was taken up with copyright infringement issues.

As one example, a media company published a video.

They took full, attention-grabbing, credit for having made the video.

The opening scene of the video …?

Was one of my images – frozen as the opening credits/title/etc. was played.

Instead of immediately filing a lawsuit, I emailed the company and informed them they needed to remove my image from their video immediately.

What did they do?

They edited the video slightly.

They continued to use my image but they added a watermark to my image with my name.

Apparently, they thought if they put my name on my image I would be happy?

They sent me an email saying they were sorry for the “miscommunication.”

They told me they wanted me to know they had “left” my watermark on my photo.

Say what?

I responded again and I wasn’t nearly as nice the second time.

I informed them none of my images are watermarked.

I don’t want them watermarked.

I think watermarks are ugly and distract from the image.

[Not to mention, the “fake” watermark they made to put on my image (which they were using illegally) was exceptionally ugly.]

Long story short, by the end of yesterday I gave my last warning ….

Remove my image from your video immediately or my lawyer will be contacting you.

These are the type of days that eat away at my productivity.

Sometimes, it’s just a pain in the ass to be a business owner.

And, just in case any of you don’t already know this –

You can’t, legally, use other people’s property (whether it be music, art, writing, photography, etc.) without their permission.

(Some forms of copyright allow limited use … but unless you’re familiar with the different types of copyright you should assume you CANNOT use other people’s property without written permission.)

4 Responses to “Copyright Infringement”

  1. Cynthia

    Good for you for calling them out on stealing your work. How nice that they used ‘miscommunication’ for ‘We didn’t think we would get caught.’ How did you even find out they had taken one of your images? That must be a difficult thing to monitor. I hope this is resolved to your satisfaction.

    • Suzanne

      It is difficult to monitor.
      I mainly get concerned when people are trying to make money with my work and/or claim it as their own. You can actually do a google image search to find out where your images show up …

  2. gina

    Like you needed one more thing on your plate this week….

    Best of luck to you in all you’re dealing with. Hope your son is much, much better by now.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      Yes, my son is getting better.


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