Home Sweet Home

It’s sure nice to be home.

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Fred gave me a huge, slobbery, tail-wagging, welcome.

In my absence, he decided he likes napping in the shower on the cool tile.

He wasn’t sure if I’d approve or not.

Fred The Newf getting comfortable in the shower.

I don’t mind having Fred in the shower.

(It’s a different shower than the one I use.)

Who doesn’t want a hairy, giant, bear-dog in their shower?

Fred also discovered a family of deer who live behind our house.

Every morning the mom, dad, and two baby deer graze behind my back fence.

Fred runs inside to tell me the deer are there.

He isn’t quite sure what to think of them.

I told Fred the deer are “okay” and that he’s a good boy for letting me know.

(He feels very proud of himself!)

I’m a disorganized mess which is perfectly normal after returning from an out of town trip.

It always takes a couple days to get back in a routine.

Today, I’m focusing my attention on the disaster facing my website.

Also, just prior to my trip, I began a new (for fun!) project.

I can’t wait to share it with you, but I’ve got to dig myself out of all my “have to do’s” first.

Here’s a list of other random things going through my head:

•  Mad Men Finale …!  Now I feel the need to go back and watch the episodes I missed.

•  To remodel my house or to move?  These are the type of questions I keep coming back to.

•  Way too much of my life is taken up with chores.  I wish I had someone else who could be a grown-up for me.

•  My almost-brand-new purse is a mess.  Dye from a shirt I wore transferred onto the leather.  I’m very not-pleased.  I dropped the purse off with a shoe repair guy who has performed miracles for me before.  He said he can’t make any promises, but he will do his best to restore the leather.  Fingers crossed!

•  Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Video  —  I wonder what Katy Perry thinks?  Why do thoughts like this even cross my mind?



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  1. Julie J

    Welcome home! Love the picture of Fred, I might just do that when I get a hot flash!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      Yep, it might be a good hot flash remedy. : )


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