Let’s Catch-Up

I’ve got bits and pieces of randomness for you today.

I’m still finishing up the final steps on the website, so I didn’t have time to write a proper post.

Also …?

I kind of like random posts now and then.

•  Last week, my right thumb was x-rayed.  It’s NOT broken.  It IS sprained and I was given a brace/splint thingy to wear for 4-6 weeks.  After one hour, I texted Paul Newman and told him I “hated” it.  I’m *trying* to wear it several hours a day.  It’s removable.  (Clearly, the orthopedic doc who saw me does not know my personality type!)  Anyway, I can’t type with the brace on.  I can’t do much of anything with it on.  (Which, I suppose, is the whole point?)  When my thumb hurts a lot, I put it on.  When I get really frustrated with the brace/splint – I take it off.  Either way – I’m sure my thumb will get a little better each day.  You never really realize how much you use/need your thumb until it screams at you when you use it.

•  Do you ever buy and/or sell things on eBay?  I’ve yet to sell anything there, but once in awhile I’ll find an antique or something very vintage-y to purchase.  Most of the time, I try not to even look because I don’t want to be tempted to purchase things I can, most likely, live without.  I think I might start selling a few things there soon.

•  Proving I’m getting old … my eyes have recently been opened to the “planner cult” which now exists.  As some of you will recall, I’ve been on a ‘get organized’ kick.  As a part of that process, I bought a pretty purple planner.  I’ve since found out planners are “in.”  People collect every planner they can get their hands on and decorate them to the hilt.  There are planner meet-ups, planner groups, planner forums, and zillions of youTube videos about decorating planners.  I admit, I’m a little baffled.  I can understand someone putting pretty and/or useful stickers on their planner page now and then.  And/or color coding with pens.  But …?  There are tons of people buying planners just to decorate them.  It’s kind of like scrapbooking without the photos?  They say they’re going to spend the day “planning,” but they don’t actually PLAN anything.  There are no appointments or schedules in their planners.  There are just decorated pages.  Why spend all that time and money decorating a planner you don’t actually USE for anything.  I don’t understand.  Do you?  

•  Adult coloring books – are not X rated coloring books.  They’re just coloring books illustrated for adult-aged people.  They are also, apparently, quite trendy right now.  I admit, I really love my coloring book.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to play with it since I returned from Texas.  I’ve been too busy with my website.  But, I hope to have coloring time again soon.  I, particularly, think coloring is great for long flights.

•  I previously wrote a post about my very small (passport sized) Midori notebook.  I wanted to follow-up and let you know I’m using it daily.  I keep it in my purse.  I use it to jot down random notes/ideas as needed.  I’ve been amazed at how often I reach for it.  I find it more efficient, and more referred to, than my old system of using the “notes” feature (or my Evernote app) on my phone.  I used to add digital notes via my phone, and then forget I had done so.  My little notebook has become an extension of me.  I know it might not work as a great system for everyone, but it seems to be perfect for me.

•  As of right now, I don’t have any summer vacation plans.  My life, however, is crazy and I know I might find myself off on a photography project somewhere on a moment’s notice.  I do have one short road trip coming up soon.  It isn’t a vacation, per se, but I imagine I’ll be able to squeeze in some fun.  I’m looking forward to actually be out shooting vs. spending my time working on non-fun business stuff such as websites and servers.

•  I have a new toy.  It’s a gadget, really.  I hope to have a post up tomorrow about it.  I want to have photos of it in the post, and I haven’t had a free moment to take the photos.  Hopefully, I’ll have it for you tomorrow ….

2 Responses to “Let’s Catch-Up”

  1. Diane Cayton-Hakey

    Decorate planners? Hmm, that’s a new on on me and I really don’t understand the point.

    I’ve seen some really awesome adult coloring books on Amazon, very floral, swirly, pretty designs. I have considered ordering some as gifts but I wonder if the recipients would think I was nuts. Maybe I’ll just get a few for myself.

    Hey, maybe you should decorate your Midori Notebook? LOL

    • Suzanne

      I made my Midori exterior folders pretty, but I don’t decorate the paper inside. I need it for writing on!

      Adult coloring has become very popular and I think a lot of good coloring books are probably available. I know Johanna Basford is coming out with her third book next fall. Her books sell out in seconds. Supposedly, she’s just switched to Penguin for her publishing and the backorder situation will go away soon. I’ve given her books to a few people – and I wasn’t sure how they would be received. Surprisingly, everyone who has gotten one has become a huge fan. What’s not to love about a coloring book and a beginning set of pencils? : )


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