LG Pocket Photo Printer

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I recently bought an LG Pocket Photo Printer and I LOVE it!!

What is it?

It’s a small (3 inch x 5 inch) photo printer.

It comes in yellow, pink, and white.

It’s SMALLER than my iPhone 6 Plus which is 3×6.

It is, however, fatter than an iPhone … it’s about 3/4 of an inch thick.

It can easily fit in most pockets/handbags.


LG Pocket Photo Printer in yellow.

I thought I’d share with you some of the pros and cons of this particular photo printer.

First of all, there are several new “pocket printers’ on the market.

Being a photography nerd, I researched my options thoroughly.

NONE OF THEM produce great prints.

If you want the best quality (archival quality) prints for photo albums/scrapbooking – you aren’t going to get them with a pocket printer.

I have no doubt the photo quality will eventually improve with these small mobile printers – but for right now it’s just okay.

(My friends tell me they think the quality is “fine” from my LG so maybe I’m being a bit of a photo snob?)

After hours of research, everything I learned indicated to me the best pocket printer on the market at this very moment is the LG.

That might change by next week?

So, how does this tiny printer work?

The top of the mini-printer lifts up and you insert ZINK paper.

The paper is small – only 2×3 inches.

The prints you get are, therefore, the same size – tiny … sort of like a business card size.

ZINK stands for “zero ink.”

That’s right – the photos are printed with heat technology and NO INK is used.

(And therefore, there are no ink cartridges to ever need replacing.)


The top of the LG Pocket Photo Printer opens to insert paper.

There are a few ways to print photos.

What I find easiest (for me) is to connect bluetooth between my phone and the printer.

(It takes all of one second to do so.)

Then I send a photo from my phone to the printer via the LG app – which is free.

A photo spits out of a slot on the end of the printer a few seconds later.

It isn’t a super fast printer, but it’s okay considering it’s size and mobility.


The photo comes out of a slot at the end of the LG Pocket Printer.

As you can imagine, this little device is wildly popular with teens and twenty-somethings.

The cost is only, approximately, $150.00.

(Which is much cheaper than a “real” printer.)

It can be a lot of fun to take a phone photo and then print out a copy right then to share with a friend.

The pocket printer is also a huge hit at any party/social gathering it appears at.

People are amazed by it.

I’ve found vibrant photos seem to print much better than black and white photos.

The color quality is sometimes good, sometimes okay, and sometimes meh, depending on the photo.

(I’ve noticed whites often come out light blue-ish.)

ZINK paper is available in two options.

There is “normal” ZINK photo paper.

And, there is ZINK “sticker paper” with a backing that peels off.

The ZINK sticker paper is very popular with scrapbookers.

(I haven’t tried the sticker paper yet, but I will eventually.)

I’ve used my printer quite a bit in the couple months I’ve had it.

I took it to Texas with me.

I let my son pick out his favorite Fred photos on my phone and printed them for him right then.

(My son has been very homesick for Fred!)

I’ve also kept a type of travel notebook/scrapbook for quite a long time.

In the past, I’d just glue or tape in ticket stubs from events.

I’ve never put photos in it.

Now, however, I find myself printing out mini-photos from my trips and putting those in also.

I don’t “decorate” like a scrapbooker would … it’s more just memorabilia from wherever I’ve been.

As an example, my ticket from the Kentucky Derby is in my book.

And, from the same trip, I also glued in my “Passport to the Bourbon Trail.”

In the past, that’s probably all I would have put in.

But, now that I have my LG Pocket Photo Printer, I also put in a couple photos.

There’s one of my Derby hat and one of our entire group at Churchill Downs.

As I put the photos in my travel book, the thought did cross my mind I should probably get those photos printed “properly” so I have them forever.

But, like many people, I’m terrible about ever actually PRINTING my personal photos.

I just never get around to doing it.

I know the mini prints aren’t “forever” quality,

But …?

It’s better than not printing at all –

And, it’s a lot of fun.

More importantly, because the printer is so small, and lightweight, it’s going everywhere with me.

I can print out a photo right after its taken.

I’m so much more likely to actually print a photo right when I’m experiencing an event than weeks later.

I anticipate the LG Pocket Photo Printer being a highly requested gift for graduations, birthdays and next holiday season.

They seem to be catching on like wildfire.



LG Pocket Photo Printer

I think it will be interesting to watch them over the next year or two also.

I imagine technology will continue to create even better images on small printing devices.

For the time being, I’m really having a lot of fun with mine!

4 Responses to “LG Pocket Photo Printer”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    The new Polaroid! Remember how fun it was. It didn’t replace a film camera but was nice to have on hand for parties.

    • Suzanne

      The thought is somewhat similar, but assuming you can take a decent phone photo – I think the photos turn out better than with a polaroid. (Or some of the polaroid imitation cameras on the market.) You can also print from your computer … in my case, that means I can print out a pro photo at a 2×3 size to leave with someone as a reminder of my work. There are lots of uses depending on a person’s line of work, etc.

  2. Julie J

    This is so cool, I’ve never heard of this until now. I’d like to have one for some random silliness photos from my phone.

    • Suzanne

      They really are fun. I have yet to come across anyone who hasn’t been intrigued when they saw it.


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