Texas – Unexpected Trip

I got a call from my son at 3 a.m. yesterday.

He’s pretty sick.

He will be okay, but I need to be with him right now.

So, yesterday, I hopped on a plane to Texas, rented a car, and booked a hotel.

My son has been sleeping on a friend’s couch while waiting to get into his own apartment.

(There’s about a three week transition from his old living accommodations to his new one.)

He’s actually had to share a couch (not even a pull-out couch) with someone else in the same boat.

“I can’t even extend my legs, Mom!”

In any case, it’s not where you want to be when you’ve got an extra-grueling class schedule and a fever.

I’m making arrangements to get him into temporary housing – with a bed and shower and kitchen!!

(In the meantime, he’s in a hotel with me.)

I’m also taking care of him until he gets over the worst.

I imagine I’ll be here in Texas until sometime this coming weekend?

(I booked a one way ticket so I’m not quite sure when I’ll be flying home.)

I expect I’ll have plenty of time for writing posts, editing photos, etc. while I’m here.

I grabbed a handful of jeans and tee shirts and threw them in a bag.

I doubt if I can even pull off “presentable” while I’m here.

But hey, you do what needs to be done – right?

4 Responses to “Texas – Unexpected Trip”

  1. Amy

    If I wasn’t in the midst of moving induced chaos, I would offer up my guest room. Hope he feels better!

  2. Judi

    What a good mom you are! I hope he’s feeling better soon and the housing arrangements go smoothly.

  3. Julie J

    I hope you’re son is feeling better soon. Mom’s make everything better!

  4. Julieanne

    Hope your son feels better soon, tell him he is getting ‘get well’ wishes from Australia 🙂


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