The Perfect Handbag Follow-Up

Not long ago, I wrote a post about my search for the perfect handbag.

I can’t say I’ve found the “perfect” bag, but I did find something close.

I’ve been looking for a distressed (beat-up looking), caramel colored, leather bag.

I wanted a bag the size of a large tote, but with at least one outside pocket.

(And, if possible, a crossbody strap due to my bum arm.)

Here’s a look at the bag I purchased.


It’s made by a company called Campomaggi based out of Italy.

I found the bag here in the United States.

Supposedly, it was “the very last one” but I imagine there are probably a lot more out there somewhere.


This is what I like about the bag:

•  It’s the right color.

•  It’s distressed and vintage-y (and/or bohemian) looking.  It will look better the more it’s used.

•  It’s got handles and the ever-so-important (detachable) shoulder/crossbody strap.  (A must for my arm!)

•  It has a very large outside (snap closure) pocket.  The outside pocket easily holds my phone, business cards, and keys for quick access.

•  On the inside there’s an additional slip pocket which I use for pens, AND a large zipped pocket.

•  It’s a big bag.  I can easily fit a lens or two inside when I want to.

•  The top zips close which comes in handy if I want that security – in airports, etc.

•  It’s well made – the stitching, etc., is high quality.  (It is NOT lined.)

•  It smells yummy.  (I love the smell of leather!)

What don’t I like about the bag?

•  I wanted a big bag … and it’s a BIG bag.  Sometimes a big bag is just a pain to carry around.

•  The bag holds a lot, but if I start filling it up it gets heavy very quickly.

I realize everyone wants different things out of their handbags.

Personally, I change my mind fairly frequently about what I want.

(Small, big, light, sturdy, etc., etc.)

But …?

For now, I think I came very close to getting exactly what I was in search of.

3 Responses to “The Perfect Handbag Follow-Up”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    I had to check out the link. Really beautiful things. I also liked the small leather goods-wallets and jewelry. I am sure your bag will be gorgeous in person!

    • Suzanne

      Thanks Missy.
      It isn’t for everyone … a lot of people don’t like the distressed look.
      I love it though – it’s very “me.”
      I had never heard of campomaggi before, but they do appear to make some really nice stuff.

  2. Elaine Tyler

    I always tell my friends I’m in search of the perfect purse….year after year after year. I finally found MY perfect purse at a Dillard’s store, but it wore out from wear and tear after about 5 years. I just could not figure out how to fix it. It was like a straw or wicker sort of but actually had but had little beads of all different colors attached all over it. I used to get compliments on it every day whether on a plane, in a grocery store, walking down the sidewalk. How I miss it. I wonder if they will ever make another like it. So I am THRILLED that you found your perfect handbag!! I KNOW how important that is to women like us!


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