The Saga of My Life

A few days ago, someone told me I live a very exciting life.


Here I am in Texas with a very sick college-aged kid.

Yesterday, it was as gray as gray could be all day.

There were flash flood warnings and it POURED for hours, and hours, and HOURS.

(With an intensity I don’t think I’ve ever seen in Southern California.)

At the end of the day, there was a quick break just in time for sunset.

Trinity River Sunset © 2015 Suzanne Haggerty W

Trinity River Sunset – Taken with my iPhone

My son is on lots of various medications, has been injected with steroids to help him breathe, and tells me he feels a” little” better.

I think in the next couple days he will, hopefully, be over the worst.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy taking care of him.

And …?

Yesterday, Gigasavvy, the company that built my website and is my Internet “host” sent me an email saying this:

This notice is to advise you that GigaSavvy is no longer offering hosting services. GigaSavvy is advising that all clients, current and past, move to their own hosting provider.

We recommend getting a VPS at either LiquidWeb or MediaTemple.

Please begin the process immediately. If the site is not migrated within a timely manner (we are suggesting a 2 week window from today) the site will be suspended. We are happy to help with this process by providing any site files / databases / credentials you may need at no cost to you.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance, and note that any migration support required will be billed at our hourly rate of $225/hour.

Here I am in Texas, probably for about a week, and I’ve been given a two week notice that my website “host” of several years is about to disappear.

Of course, migrating my site etc. costs MONEY.

It also takes TIME.

Gigasavvy, the company that wooed me with promises of great service – is about to pull the plug on my website.

This is my exciting life?

Sick kid …

Disappearing website …

What’s next?

And yes, there’s a part of me thinking maybe I should just close down Twenty Four at Heart.

Maybe it’s time?

12 Responses to “The Saga of My Life”

  1. Jane

    Wow, from the Kentucky Derby to this! I hope your son will be well soon. It’s so scary when they’re sick and away from home. No matter how old they get, they still need mom. I really hope you don’t shut down this site. I love coming here daily and seeing your photography and hearing about all your escapades. You should write a book! I’ve heard good things about Liquid Web but two weeks is preposterous for making the change. I hope you can call them and rattle their brains until they listen to reason. Good luck over the next few weeks!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet.
      Everything seems to have happened at the same time ….!

  2. Mj

    Happy to hear your son is feeling a little better. Not so happy to hear you might shut down your website. I too love coming here and seeing your beautiful images. And Fred. I will really miss Fred.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      I don’t know yet what I’m going to do.
      I need to do some research next week when I get back to California.
      I miss Fred just being in Texas.
      I love that fur ball! : )

  3. Julie J

    I will miss 24 so much if you shut down but I am just a peon I suppose. I hope your son is feeling better each day!

    • Suzanne

      You are NOT a peon.
      I do not want to shut it down.
      I wasn’t expecting this and the timing is terrible since I’m out of state and have my hands full.
      I hope I can find a way to keep it going without an exorbitant cost ….

  4. Judi

    Two weeks notice is pretty crappy! I’m sure if you let them know of your circumstances, they would give you a little more time but I’m sure at this point you want to be done with them anyway. I hope you can find a good solution.

  5. Julieanne

    Ahhhh I hope you don’t shut it down! if you do though – you still have to keep in touch so we can plan your trip to Australia 😀

  6. Jenny

    Please don’t shut it down! I really hope your son will be better asap!

    The short notice sucks, and I am hoping they have all of your files/info backed up correctly… You can do it…find another hosting provider quickly and inexpensively and have the transfer go easier than expected. Keep telling yourself what you need and want and hopefully the universe will bring it to you!

  7. Linda Tustin

    I would be very sad if 24 at heart was gone…… I come here sometimes when I need to be distracted. I come here to read the musings of someone who is unexpectedly an “old friend” at least in my mind. I can’t explain exactly why I feel that way when we have never met in person but I think it is because of the grace you show as you share your life through your blog.

    I hope your universe provides what you need, now and in the future.


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