Travel Day

I’m enroute to California.

I’m ready to be home!

I’ve sure missed Fred The Newf … even though I received daily photos/videos of him.

I need a long snuggle-fest with my favorite furry monster.

It rained a LOT while I was in Texas.

I was stuck inside a hotel room most of the time.

I think I spent more time coloring than I did during my entire childhood.

SG Name Plate Page © 2015 Suzanne Haggerty W

The “name plate” page in my coloring book. (iPhone photo)

I wonder if I’ll get any coloring done back in California?

I won’t have rainy weather as an excuse.

Maybe I’ll color during the next heat wave – when it’s too hot to go outside?

FullSizeRender 24

The title page of my book.  (iPhone photo)

My son is doing better.

If he takes it slow, and takes care of himself, he should be okay.

I got him to go for a walk along the Trinity River.

I think the fresh air was good for him.

We went out between rain storms.

Wildflowers growing along the Trinity River.

I have allergies and Texas has a super high pollen count right now.

Most people sneeze when they have allergies …


I always want to scratch my eyes out they start itching so bad.

(Apparently, I’m mainly allergic to tree pollen vs. grass, weed, or other kinds of pollen.)

I’ll be playing catch-up today and then, probably tomorrow, I’ll begin looking into options for my website.

I’m really not looking forward to THAT.


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