Day #1 – Starting Over

Sometimes, my life becomes unbalanced.

For me, it seems to happen quite often.

My life doesn’t always fall into an easy routine.

Work projects come and go … sometimes burying me with multiple simultaneous deadlines.

A client calls and the next day I’m hopping on a plane.

My adult kids announce they have a slow work period and they’re coming for a week long visit – with friends.

My original family (parents, sister, brother, etc.) is now spread out across the country which means I’m traveling to see them and/or they’re traveling to see me.

My life is GOOD.

My life is FUN.

But, it’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind and find I’m reacting to circumstances more than planning for them.

As of today, I *think* I’ll be in town for a few weeks.

I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine.

Here are a few things I’ll be focusing on:

•  Pain Control  –  My pain level is out of control lately.  I, literally, felt nauseous from pain the entire weekend.  Absolutely nothing comes easily when I’m in a lot of pain.  Today?  I’m seeing Dr. Painless for a long overdue visit.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to reign in my pain level over the next few weeks so I can be more productive.

•  Exercise  –  What gym membership?  No travel and no houseguests – I’m back into a daily exercise routine.

•  Diet  –  A bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine don’t make for the most balanced, healthy, diet.  I’ve decided to write down everything I eat for the next two weeks.  Am I going on a diet?  No.  But, just by writing things down it will make me think about nutrition and eating healthier.  I’m all about green vegetables for the next two weeks!

•  Health  –  I’ve been busy.  But, today?  I’m getting my annual mammogram.  Have you had one in the last 12 months?

•  Training Fred –  Training Fred is a daily occurrence.  I haven’t stopped training him, but I want to devote bigger chunks of each day to it.  I’m realizing how great his potential is.

•  House Projects  –  My house is in need of a lot of minor repairs and projects.  I’ve been putting them off, but it’s time to dive in and get things back on track.

•  Photography  –  It may sound odd, but I’ve been so busy running my photography business, I haven’t had as much time to shoot as I’d like.  My new camera, a Canon EOS 5DS R, will be arriving in a couple days.  I plan on putting it through its paces from the day it arrives.  Let’s just hope my bum arm cooperates!

•  Entertainment  –  I’ve been so busy, I’m behind on all forms of entertainment.  There are movies to see, TV shows to catch up on, books to read, and yes – I’d even like to find some time for my coloring book!  (By the way, I’ve heard “my” coloring book is back in stock on Amazon!)

Maybe I’m the only person who needs to press the “reset” button on life periodically?

Or maybe you’ve had to do the same thing?

I’m looking forward to starting fresh.

It’s invigorating.

It’s like New Year’s Eve … but in mid-June!

4 Responses to “Day #1 – Starting Over”

  1. Michelle

    Nope, you’re not the only one. 🙂 I’d like to reset some things in my life, but unfortunately they aren’t me! (Children’s health…)

    • Suzanne

      Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.
      It’s so hard when your kids are having health problems of any kind.

  2. Julie J

    Yes to mamogram and no you’re not the only one who needs to hit the reset button. We’re in this crazy chaos called life together!


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