Fabulous Friday!

The last few weeks have flown by.

Travel and holidays and, and, and!

Yesterday, Fred and I went down to shoot in Laguna.

We got stopped, constantly, by people curious about Fred.

“Is he a mastiff?”

“Is he a black St. Bernard?”

“How big will he get?

“Does he like people?”

“Is he part bear?”

“Can I pet your dog?”

“Can I take a photo with your dog?”

And on and on it went!

I understand many people in Southern California aren’t familiar with Newfoundlands.

I knew when I got Fred, we’d get some questions.

I just didn’t realize Fred would be SUCH a people magnet.

Fred, of course, loves all the attention.

The more people who pet him, talk to him, and LOVE him the better.

(I’ll have to go to more remote places when I need to be productive with my shooting time?)

This weekend I’ll be catching up on lots of “stuff.”

I’ll also be prepping my house for loads of family members who will be arriving beginning on Monday.

I’m a little worried about Fred, too.

Fred has to have a baby tooth removed on Saturday.

His tooth should have fallen out two months ago when all his other baby teeth fell out.

But, it didn’t.

Instead, it’s near the adult tooth that came in.

It’s not loose … and, it’s not planning on going anywhere.

Leftover baby teeth can cause problems so Fred has to have it removed this weekend.

Poor puppy!

Fred is not excited about going to the dentist!


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