Funky Friday

I can’t believe it’s Friday already again.

This week FLEW by!

The friend who was going to groom Fred on Wednesday ended up cancelling out on me.

(After I spent hours waiting for her!)


Maybe she thought twice about the beast I call Fred?

As a result, Fred is going to a grooming “salon” this morning.

The owner of the salon has a Newfoundland and is, I’m told, “THEE” Newfie groomer for South Orange County.

Let’s hope Fred doesn’t come back looking like a poodle!

While Fred is being groomed, I’ll be spending a much needed morning with Paul Newman.

In completely unrelated news, I need a bigger house for all my craft supplies.


Remember, awhile back, when I said I’ve always wished I had artistic talent?

And, of course, I have none.

(At least, not in the traditional sense.)

I mentioned I’ve ALWAYS wanted to learn to paint with watercolors.

I’ve known about watercolor “pencils.”

The idea of them doesn’t get me very excited.

But, I didn’t know there are also watercolor markers.

I want to try them!

I think I can learn to use them as long as I keep my expectations  very low  reasonable.

I’ve been looking for them and they seem to be out of stock everywhere.

(Are they a new invention?  Why are they so hard to find?)

Anyway, I placed an order from a company in Japan.

I suppose, sometime in the next six months?? I’ll receive some watercolor markers.

I’ll let you know what I think when I get them.

I’m not going to mention what brand they are, or any other details, until I get a chance to try them.

I don’t want anyone to buy them just because I mentioned them … because what if they’re terrible?

Once I receive them, I’ll let you know how long they took to arrive, if they’re easy to use, if an untalented person can get any real use out of them, etc.

I guess this is my summer to be artsy.

I don’t have any vacation plans this summer … which, I think, is a FIRST for my entire life.

(Can it really be summer if you go NOWHERE and do NOTHING?)

Maybe I’ll beat the summer heat by experimenting with artsy things during the hottest hours of the summer days?


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