Oh, What A Week!

I’m having quite a week.

I was so overbooked yesterday, I couldn’t BREATHE.

OK, I could breathe.

But, I couldn’t catch my breath.


I need Paul Newman.

My arm is really pissed off at me.

Today, I have one (long) appointment in the morning.

In the afternoon, a friend is coming to visit.

She also happens to be a dog groomer.

Fred is a dirty mess right now.

I have visions of an afternoon filled with soap, water, and Newfie hair clippings.

My visions also include a gigantic, wet, bear of a dog running like mad through the house getting everything wet and soapy.

I wonder if I could film what happens?

Because, I honestly have no idea what will happen.

I’ve, obviously, given Fred baths before.

And, I brush him daily.

But, how will he be for a “new” person who tosses him in the shower?

I was perusing the “Newfoundland Dog Owners Forum” on Facebook last night.

There are over 8,000 members in the forum.

I noticed a recurring theme of “the terrible teens” Newfies go through …

Beginning right around eight months of age.

Fred isn’t “terrible” by any means.

He’s really a great dog.


There’s no question he’s become a bit more challenging recently.

If you happen to think of it, send good wishes my way this afternoon.

Fred and I just *might* need them.

P.S.  I’ll try to get a few photos if I can.  

2 Responses to “Oh, What A Week!”

  1. Michelle

    Hoping Fred’s grooming goes well, and if not, hoping you can film it! 😉

    Have a great day.


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