Paso Robles – Wine

Paso Robles has over three hundred wineries.

Napa used to be the only ‘known’ place in California for wine tasting, but Paso Robles is intent on catching up.

Although, I was in Paso Robles to photograph the beer festival,

It was impossible not to notice I was in wine country.

Driving into town, I saw hills covered with grapevines.

I love vineyards.

There’s something very magical about them.

I think, because I’m a visual person, it’s all those LINES!

The vineyards looked beautiful surrounded by lavender.

Paso Robles is never as green as Napa.

Adding to that, California’s “extreme” drought has hit the Central Coast hard.

Golden hills are a trademark of the Paso Robles area.

Now, “golden” looks a lot more like brown.

It’s still beautiful, at least to me.

A valley of vineyards.

I couldn’t keep my lens away from the magic of the hills, valleys, and grapevines.

Well, except for a brief time on Sunday when I stopped for wine tasting at two Paso Robles wineries.

Wine tasting at Law Estates winery.

I couldn’t visit Paso Robles and NOT stop by a winery or two.

Wine barrels.

There’s something very visually appealing about wine barrels too.

Maybe it’s because they’re filled with wine?

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  1. Kathy

    Ditto to your whole post!

    Cheesy maybe, but I find myself always humming or singing…

    “What the world needs now…. “


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