Small Doses of Chaos

I’m having a nice week with family, but blog time has been a little more difficult to come by than I expected.

Fred is, of course, loving all the extra attention from visitors.

We’re completely out of our normal dog training routines though.

(But, a slightly chaotic week now and then is fine!)

There’s a hurricane off the coast of Mexico and it’s caused unusual weather for us here.

It’s both hot and cloudy …

Weather like this might be normal in other places,

But, it’s very unusual for us.

I took everybody to cool off in San Clemente on Tuesday.

View from San Clemente Pier

The sky was very strange.

I’m hoping the unusual weather will lead to some great sunsets later this week?

In the meantime, I’m busy doing all those things you do when people come to stay at your house.

I’m cooking and cleaning, and entertaining …

We’re hanging out by the pool, visiting the beach, and chatting late into the night.

I feel grateful for the people I love and the fact I’m able to spend time with them.


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