The Very Hot Weekend

I was so happy to have Paul Newman work on me last Friday.

I really needed him.

I’m seeing him again today because he’s about to take off on a way-too-long vacation.

(I need all the help I can get prior to his departure.)

Fred did well during his first “real” grooming last week.

He came home looking very fluffy.

Of course, he was fluffy even before he had a bath.

Fred has no shortage of fluff.

Look Ma!  I see a pelican!

Fred enjoyed going shooting with me on Saturday.

We went to Crystal Cove State Park.

(Oh, how I love my annual pass for all the California state parks and beaches!)

Due to the remnants of a tropical storm, Southern California was hot and muggy all weekend.

I hate muggy!

I couldn’t stay at the park long enough to shoot sunset, but I did enjoy photographing the unusual, storm related, cloud formations.

Weird clouds in Southern California!

Aren’t those the craziest clouds?

It was nice to find it slightly cooler at the beach compared to my  way-too-hot house.

Did I do a good job helping you take photos today?

The clouds did bring a little rain to a few spots in Southern California, but I only saw a couple isolated rain drops myself.

On Saturday night I attended a party.

On Sunday, I tried to recover from the party.

It was super hot outside, and I was REALLY tired ….

It was a pretty slow, lazy, Sunday.

My schedule is much more relaxed than normal this week.

(Because of the upcoming 4th of July holiday.)

I’m really looking forward to it.

I have a few photo projects I want to work on.

I’m loving my new camera so far, but I have a lot more situations I want to test it out in.

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  1. Julie J

    Great photos Suzanne and loving “fluffy” Fred too!


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