Watering The Lemon Tree

Fred likes to help me water the lemon tree in my backyard.

Sorry I didn’t have time to write a “real” post, but I thought this would make you smile.

I think it’s especially funny when he goes all crazy-eyed!

2 Responses to “Watering The Lemon Tree”

  1. gina

    My, what big teeth you have, Fred!!!

    One can only imagine Fred shaking the water out of his coat after this fun….am sure you’ve been the recipient of that more than once. Don’t worry though. You’ll only smell like wet dog until it dries; or, you may catch a whiff of it off and on throughout the day:)

    Have a wonderful summer day, you two!

    • Suzanne

      He looks ferocious with those teeth, doesn’t he?
      : )


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