While You Were Having Fun …?

I hope you had a nice weekend.

I had a productive, but not very fun, weekend.

On Saturday I took Fred to, and from, the vet for his baby tooth extraction.

Fred’s vet isn’t nearby so it took a huge chunk of my day.

And, poor Fred, he wasn’t feeling very happy when he came home.

I did my best to take good care of him.

The root on the extracted baby tooth was insanely long – that tooth was never coming out on its own.

(Yes, the vet was amazed enough to save it and show me!)

I made sure Fred had lots of cold water and soft food (and a cool place to rest) while he recovered.

By Sunday, Fred had returned to his happy self.

[The challenge on Sunday was to keep him from playing tug-of-war (his favorite game), and/or doing anything else he can’t do for a few days.]

I know some of you are interested in how big Fred has gotten.

I weighed him on Saturday and he weighed 110 pounds … at seven months old!

On a separate topic …

Have you ever been in an IKEA store?

I realize they don’t have them everywhere.

And, to be honest, I usually try NOT to go to one – the stores are just too much (of everything) for me.

But, on Sunday, I made a trip to IKEA so I could get a Raskog Cart to store some of my craft supplies.


I don’t have a very big house and my house is (very) lacking in storage space.

The clutter of small-sized craft related items has been driving me crazy.

I feel so much better being able to put all the crafty stuff, neatly, in one spot.

(And, when I’m not using it, I can roll the cart into a closet where it’s not visible.)


My oldest son and his long-time girlfriend arrive midday today.

Other family members will be arriving throughout the week.

(And, by the end of the week, I’ll have all three of my kids here in ONE SPOT at THE SAME TIME!)

I expect to be able to post each day this week, but if I miss a day you’ll know why.

6 Responses to “While You Were Having Fun …?”

  1. Mj

    110 pounds at 7 months…. this reminds me of the children’s book – Clifford, The Big Red Dog!
    You just may need a bigger house!

    • Suzanne

      I think his growth is slowing down though.
      It hasn’t seemed as rapid since he hit 100 pounds.
      : )

  2. Judi

    I’ve been looking at that same cart for another use, but at the moment I don’t have a place to roll it out of the way.

    Glad Fred’s extraction went well!

    • Suzanne

      I got on Pinterest and I was amazed at how many uses people have for the raskog carts! I do wish it was a little bigger, but it’s pretty good for my needs.

      And, thank you, regarding Fred.
      He feels much better now!

  3. Julie J

    Happy Monday!
    Hi Fred! Such great Fred photos from Friday and today. Thanks for sharing, glad Fred is feeling better.

    • Suzanne

      Happy Monday Julie!
      And, thank you for your concern for Fred.
      It made me sad to see him moping around on Saturday.
      I’m glad he’s feeling better now too!


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