Do You Like Quickies?

I’m rushing to write a quick post.

I’ve been at the local beaches with Fred nonstop.

I can’t seem to stop taking photos!

Fred is having a ball.

Last night he learned how fun it can be to dig in extra-soft sand.

(I let him dig, and dig, because I was taking FOREVER.  He might as well have a little fun!)

I was working on more long exposures, plus some “regular” photos too.

Here’s one shot from one of the Laguna beaches last night:

A glimpse of sunset through the clouds!

I’ll probably post it on social media later today.

I got an email from one reader concerned about risks I might be taking while out shooting.

I think it’s worth clarifying my thoughts on this topic publicly.

First of all, I try to be VERY safety-oriented when I’m shooting.

I carry pepper spray with me always unless I’ve flown somewhere.

(No pepper spray allowed on planes!)

I try to keep an eye on my surroundings.

I admit, I do get very absorbed on making photos while I’m working.

I get lost in a zone.

I become very intent on getting my camera to see the vision my brain sees.

I could do a better job with being aware of my surroundings, but Fred makes sure no one approaches me without me being aware.

I definitely feel safer with Fred around.

When a beach evacuation is called, for whatever reason, I leave when the lifeguards leave.

(Or sooner, if they want me to.)

I don’t chase lightning, but I will shoot it from a safe distance.

I’m a 5th generation Californian … I have the utmost respect for the ocean.

I probably “know” the ocean better than most people, but I never take the power of it for granted.

Could I have an accident while shooting?

Sure I could.

Do I push my limits?

Yes, sometimes … but, not often.

I know what I can and can’t do.

I know there are sometimes rogue waves and they’re completely unpredictable.

Will I shoot in the rain?


Will I shoot when the ocean is crazy-angry?


Would I suggest anyone do what I do?

Absolutely not.

If you haven’t spent your life “knowing” the sea, you absolutely should NOT do what I do.

And, even if you have, you’re probably better off not doing what I do.

(Who needs all that sand and mess, anyway?!!)

I do think odd things once I’m headed home from a night of shooting, though.

For instance, as I drove home last night I thought,

“If I ever win the lottery, I’ll pay someone to clean all the sand off my gear.”

(I hate cleaning my gear … and guess what I’ll be doing for hours today?)

The next thought I had was,

“Well, if I win the lottery I could also pay Paul Newman lots of money to take care of my arm every single time I shoot.”

(Can you tell my arm really hurts?)

Am I the only person who has the,

“If I win the lottery ….” type thoughts?

I don’t even PLAY the lottery!

4 Responses to “Do You Like Quickies?”

  1. Julie J

    OMG, you had me at the title of this post. I was bracing myself for some hilarity! Yes I like quickies and I also do the “if I win the lottery!”

  2. Mj

    I do probably more than I should of “If I won the lottery” and I also don’t play. Kind of insane of both of us but I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. hahaha!
    I love taking photos but I am leery of going out by myself with my ‘big’ camera for fear of getting robbed. I certainly do not take chances with the ocean or climbing on anything when I have the big camera. I always shoot at a safe distance.
    I feel safer when just taking photos of a family or kids but that can become very boring.

    • Suzanne

      It’s fun to get out and about, but safety always comes first!


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