I’m not sure if I’ll be posting again until after the 4th of July.

I will if I have a chance, but it’s going to be busy.

Once we get past the holiday, I’ll probably share a few of the projects I’m working on.

But, since I expect readership to be light over the next few days, I’m going to keep my posts “light” also.

Today, I thought I’d share my doodling attempts.

I’m seriously working on my doodling.

OK, so maybe I’m not *seriously* working on it.

But, I am attempting to learn a few basics of drawing.

Here’s my first attempt at drawing a pelican:



He’d look better if I colored him in, but I was just trying to get the basic shape down.

I see a lot of pelicans because I’m at the beach shooting a lot.

Next, I tried a panda.

I colored my panda with markers … but “he” smeared!


Smeared Panda

I guess I should have let the ink dry before I closed my little notebook.

(Lesson learned!)

I also drew a grumpy man.

Grumpy @ 2015 Suzanne Haggerty W

Grumpy Man

He looks grumpy, right?

And not … perplexed?

I’m also playing with water colors.

I’m really terrible.

I need to buy a couple sheets of water color paper.

I tried painting in my Hobonichi which is filled with Tomoe River Paper.

I love Tomoe River Paper … it’s awesome to write on and fountain pen ink doesn’t bleed through.

And, you CAN paint on it, but the paper isn’t absorbent so you can’t layer the paint much, etc.

Anyway, here’s my very weak attempt at painting flowers NOT on water color paper:

WColor Flowers @ 2015 Suzanne Haggerty W

Water Color Flowers

They look more like blobs than flowers.

But, I’m sure it takes practice … and also, the correct paper to paint on.

I don’t have much time to practice any of this stuff.

Usually, at night, I’ll try to draw and/or paint one small thing before I go to sleep.

It’s my small, personal, “self-improvement” project.

Hopefully, a year from now I’ll have improved if I practice just a little bit each day.

It might be fun to do a post a year from now comparing my first doodles to whatever I can do in twelve months.

Now, if I can just learn to draw Fred!

4 Responses to “Doodles”

  1. Julie J

    So cute! I especially like the flowers or the “blobs” as you call them. I can picture them as a print on kitchen textiles. It would be fun for you to practice drawing Fred and not show us then after a year show us your first attempt and your latest attempt!

    • Suzanne

      That’s a good idea Julie.
      I haven’t mastered Fred yet!

  2. Court

    Hey there, I think you have promise! You have to start somewhere (says the person who can draw cupcakes, big bird-ish and vaguely childish doodles, but I am practicing.

    I have a mixed media book that I’ve been using and it seems to be okay for watercolors, markers etc. It might be worth looking into and I got it for less than 10$ at Joannes with a coupon.

    • Suzanne

      I recently picked up a mixed media book myself.
      Now, if I can just find time to play with it!


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