Planning Trips!

I’ve got the travel bug BAD lately.

Everyone I know is taking amazing vacations and Fred and I are doing NOTHING.

I can’t stand it.

(OK, so Fred and I are finger painting.  And, going on a lot of walks.  And, visiting local beaches.  But …!)

I’ve started very early-days planning of a trip to New Zealand for next February.

I’ve wanted to go to both New Zealand and Australia for DECADES.

(Seriously, I’ve been wanting to go since I was in elementary school!)

My original plan was to do both countries over a six week period when my youngest left for college.

Having six weeks to travel just doesn’t seem possible with my reality.

Instead, I’m trying to plan approximately two weeks for *just* New Zealand.

I hope I can then follow up, a year later, with two weeks in Australia.

(I’d also like to visit Bora Bora while I’m in that part of the world, but …!)

So many places to visit and so little time!

Also, thanks to Paul Newman, I now feel like I *have to* go to Alaska next June/July.

Yes, I really am trying to pull off two big trips for 2016.

New Zealand in the winter and Alaska in the summer.

(Which is exactly why I’m doing NOTHING this summer???)

Neither of my 2016 trips is definite yet.

I’m working hard to figure out New Zealand details first.

Actually, I’m waiting for a travel agent to get back to me with an estimate of what a two week trip will cost.

After I faint from the shock of THAT,

I’ll have a better idea of how many corporate buildings I need to “dress” in gigantic photographs.

If you’ve got any travel tips, “must sees,” or suggestions for either New Zealand or Alaska let me know.

I welcome the input!

4 Responses to “Planning Trips!”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    Alaska was one of the most memorable and stunningly beautiful places I have ever been.

    • Suzanne

      Everyone says that!
      My entire family has gone except for me.
      Did you take a cruise?
      Highlights of your trip ….?

  2. Judi

    New Zealand is number one on my bucket list, but my husband really hates flying so I may just have to go without him at some point!

  3. Julieanne

    Ahhhh so excited for you! But bummed that I will have to wait a little longer for you to get to Australia! Anyway – New Zealand, or NZ (en-zed) as we call it – for Auckland I would suggest you go to the more trendy suburbs of Ponsonby and Mt Eden, rather than the ‘downtown’ area as such. Photography-wise the Northland region is spectacular and little-visited compared to the rest of the country – look up Paihia, Cape Reinga, Bay of Islands. That’s the sort of subtropical part of NZ. Wellington is pretty trendy and is actually the capital city even though most people think Auckland is. All these places are on the north island. The south island is probably more popular with tourists as it’s more alpine climate, adventure tourism, etc etc, but I’ve only been to one town there.

    And I loved Alaska and as per your query to the commenter above, we did it as a cruise and I would definitely recommend that. If you can do a round trip from Seatle I would have to say, no disrespect to your home state which was also beautiful but Seattle was my favourite place in the whole of the States 🙂 And see if you can do an itinerary that stops off in Victoria, Canada, too?

    Let me know here if you’re interested in more info and I can DM you on Twitter or something 🙂


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