Random Art Play

The rest of the world might have had sunshine yesterday,

But “my” mountain was shrouded in clouds and rain all day.

Long exposure photo of a cloudy beach day.

Fred and I were baffled!

Drizzly rain in JULY??

What does that mean?


A cartoon of a baffled Fred.

I *should* have spent the day editing photos.

Instead, I used the weather as an excuse to play “art.”

Here’s a not-so-good iPhone photo of a two page spread in progress ….


Not yet completed – Art Journal Pages

The background is primarily “thrown” ink.

Yes, I’m still playing with finger paints … particularly, on rainy days.

I’m having fun experimenting with a lot of different inks, paints, mediums, and textures.

Here’s the *very beginning* of what will eventually become two art journal pages.  (Excuse the blurry iPhone photo)


Stars made from modeling paste will add texture to these pages.

I know the above looks strange, but it’s only in a very rough Stage #1 of what will be many stages.

After gessoing  (is gesso-ing a word???)  my pages, I begin with either inks or acrylics.

I build up layers and textures – often using BOTH ink and paint.

I stop when I have my background is done.

Later, when I have time, I add the subject/focal points to the already-done background pages.

Stupid © 2015 Suzanne Haggerty W

Completed, snarky, art journal page.

The problem is the waiting.

(Even Tom Petty thinks The Waiting Is The Hardest Part!)

I have no patience and layering takes patience.

You have to wait for things to DRY before each step.

I’m also still trying to learn how to “do” faces.

This is the first face I’ve attempted to paint:


Painted female face.

She’s not very good, but she’s a start.

I got tired of painting her and just “tossed in” her eyebrows.


I have no patience!

I truly felt like I was back in kindergarten yesterday.

Do you remember the rainy days when the teachers would let you paint?

It’s too bad most of us give that up after age five ….

6 Responses to “Random Art Play”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    I love your willingness to just dive into art play!

    • Suzanne

      LOL – yep I guess you could say I dove in.
      I’m trying to tame the art clutter now.
      It’s just very relaxing for me.
      I also find it makes me more motivated to shoot.
      I guess it gets the creativity pumping …

  2. Julie J

    Loving your art! Glad you had a day of playing. I remember those days in grade school.

    • Suzanne

      Wasn’t it fun?
      Too bad few of us appreciated being five years old when we WERE five!
      : )

  3. Michelle

    Well, other than saying that your painted girl needs to find a new beautician for her eyebrows, I think you’ve done extremely well for a first effort painting a face. And I’m loving your art journal pages.

    And I think you’re right about the rest of the world having sunshine yesterday. We had a beautiful, mild, sunny Winter day yesterday.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      How great to have sunshine on a winter day!
      : )


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