The Last Few Days

Thank you for all the well wishes.

I’m glad to have last week behind me.

All my medical stuff didn’t turn out quite as well as I hoped,

But the week is over and that’s the very best part.

I feel pretty much back to “normal” too.

Many of you know we were experiencing monsoon weather in Southern California this weekend.

That’s a big deal to our drought ridden state.

I knew right away I’d be shooting most of the weekend.

(Rain!  Clouds!  Lightning!  YAY!)

In reality, I got kicked off beaches both times I went.

On Saturday, Fred and I arrived at The Wedge just as an evacuation was ordered due to an inbound lightning storm.

“Don’t I look handsome when I wear my Service Vest?” asks, wind-blown, sandy-mouth, Fred.

The lifeguards love Fred.

(Fred is a water rescue dog after all!)

They let us stay and shoot photos as they cleared all the people who were reluctant to leave the beach.

Fred liked the big winds from the storm.

He liked the sand, the friendly lifeguards, and pretty much everything about The Wedge on a stormy day.

By the way, Service Dogs don’t have to wear service vests.

It’s often way too hot here for Fred to be comfortable with a vest on.

On Saturday, I knew the storm would keep the weather cool enough for Fred to wear his vest.

In fact, it ended up pouring all afternoon.

We really needed that rain!

Saturday evening I went shooting without Fred.

(I was concerned it would start raining again.  It would be hard to manage a *giant* WET dog while trying to keep my gear dry.)

I wanted to do hours, and hours, of stormy long-exposure shots.

Long exposure of a wave crashing in Laguna Beach at sunset.

It’s the first time I’ve done long exposures with my new camera and I was very, very, happy with the results.

For those of you who aren’t a part of the photography world, a long exposure photo is when you intentionally leave the camera shutter open for a long time to record movement.   (There are things you have to learn in order to do a long exposure WELL, but that’s a whole different post.)

The end result, is a soft, silky, look like you see in these photos.  The movement of the water (and clouds) becomes a blur and sort of “fluffy.”  This isn’t done in photoshop – it’s an “in-camera” technique.

The combination of storm clouds and angry waves made for ideal long exposure conditions.

The skies darkened early due to such heavy cloud cover!

Of course, even though I did *try* to stay dry while shooting,

I ended up a wet, sandy, mess.

(Becoming a mess is pretty inevitable when I shoot.)

I roamed up and down the Laguna beaches for a few hours.

I was getting great shots and I didn’t want to stop.

It could be ages until weather conditions are this ideal again.

But sadly, eventually, I was interrupted by some late night lifeguards.

They weren’t the type of lifeguards who sit in red shorts saving people from drowning.

No, they were fully dressed in real clothes/uniforms and they wanted the crazy blonde woman with a tripod and camera to leave the stormy beach.

I’ve never been kicked off the beach at night before.

It must be a summer rule to save drunken tourists from their own stupidity?

But, I was compliant.  After just a couple more shots I headed home.

I think I’ll probably be publishing photos from this weekend for ages to come.

The shots came out stunning.

I have to say, I’m very pleased with the abilities of my new camera.

6 Responses to “The Last Few Days”

  1. Michelle

    Being kicked off twice? At least they care about you. And the photos came out beautifully. Very dreamy.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      Yep, the first time was a beach-wide evacuation.
      The second time …?
      I guess there’s some type of beach night curfew at some of the beaches during summer.

  2. Gina

    Fabulous, fabulous shots! Can’t wait to see more!


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