The Quiet Week …?

This week is so “slow” it almost doesn’t seem real.

The world seems to be on vacation this week and next ….

I guess everyone is trying to take advantage of the long 4th of July weekend by packing vacation days around it?

Personally, I’m trying to avoid our local beaches at peak times because they’re INSANE with visitors.

Also, we’ve been having extra-hot, super humid, weather.

It’s so BLEH!!

Fred and I have been hibernating during the hottest daytime hours, and then emerging at dusk.

Summer sunset in Laguna Beach.

Yesterday, we even had a thunder storm which is a Very Big Deal in Southern California.

Fred has never experienced thunder.

I was worried he’d be afraid.

It did startle him at first.

But then …?

He ran outside and barked at the sky.

I think he was telling the thunder to go away.

(Fred does the same thing when “our” huge Great Horned Owl comes and who-who’s at him.)

During the hot hours of the days, I’ve been doing chores, editing photos, and trying to teach myself a few basics about art.

How many of you are artists?

Or, at least, hobby artists?

I’ve been playing with water colors.

I’m, of course, not very good with them.

I’ve never used water colors before.

It’s a lot of fun.

I’m also trying to doodle better.

Yes, I’m serious!

I’m trying to make my doodles look more like *something* other than scribbles.

I’m also experimenting using photos with mixed media ….

I’m hoping to create something I love.

So far,

I’ve mainly created a few messes.

But, I figure messes are a good first step?

I have no illusions of becoming a talented (hobby) artist.

It’s just fun.

It’s also a nice creative outlet for the hot days of summer.

If I get brave enough, I might share a few of my very-beginner messes with you sometime soon.

If I do, will you try not to laugh at my beginner attempts?

2 Responses to “The Quiet Week …?”

  1. Julie J

    Promise not to laugh!
    I wouldn’t call myself an artist but I like to color and to knit. I’ve been told I’m very creative with my decorations / groupings around the house.

    • Suzanne

      I would love to see some of the things you’ve done Julie!
      And, I would never laugh!


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