The Worst Week Ever?

I’m dreading this week.

Actually, I’m kind of wishing the whole month of July was over.

I’m having medical-related anxiety.

Life should be better in August.

In the meantime, I’m keeping busy in an attempt to not think about all the medical BLEH going on in my life right now.

Fred is, of course, a tremendous help in many ways.

For one thing, he’s a puppy and puppies are demanding.

Fred keeps me very, very, busy!

There are no two ways about it … puppies equal lots of time!

Second, it’s hard not to smile when you see his goofy face.

People who don’t even KNOW Fred break into ear-splitting grins when they see him.

I’m also immersing myself in all things artsy right now.

It’s soothing.

It’s also an outlet for both my creativity and some of my medical-related anxiety.

I think I’ll just play with my camera and/or paint until it’s August.

My biggest art failure to date was drawing a woman being choked by her own neck.

Choking © Suzanne Haggerty W


Help!  I’m choking on my own neck!

The more I tried to “fix” her, the worse she got.

(She’s a sketch in my Hobonichi.)

I ended up being in a fit of giggles just looking at her.

Poor woman choking on her own neck!

I did like this profile/woman I did in my art journal, though:


Hi!  I’m an Art Creation!

I watercolor painted on a piece of watercolor paper, cut out her profile from the painted paper, then used a matte medium to put her into my journal.

(I had previously used spray inks and gesso to multi-layer the page background.)

Once she was settled in and dry, I added her eye with ink

Her hair is made from a funky ribbon I found in an old stash.

She probably could have used more hair, but I only had a small amount of ribbon.

Less hair will make the book easier to close anyway.

I’m just experimenting, and playing, right now.

I do have a goal.

I know what I want to make with photos/mixed media by fall.

But, at the same time, I realize I need to learn a lot of artsy stuff before I get to that point.

So, I’m playing with ink, and paint, and textures.

The whole time I’m thinking, “Is this something I can incorporate later on when I get to point XYZ?”

I have a finished product idea in my brain, but I need to expand my knowledge/experience/abilities to make it.

I guess you could call it “productive play?”

(Drawing faces, by the way, has nothing to do with it.  That’s just something I’m attempting to learn for the hell of it.)

My “finished product” idea …?

Well, it may not even work.

But, it’s there floating in my brain.

Some ideas nag at you until you’re willing to explore them.

Of course, I’m also busy with photography.

I’ve got a couple big projects with work right now too.

I feel so fortunate to have such a high caliber of clients.

Seriously, I feel like one of the luckiest photographers EVER.

Here’s a photo I took last week, in Laguna Beach, at sunset:

Wonderful light!

The light was so magical … dancing and skipping across the water.

We’ve had some gorgeous evenings lately!

4 Responses to “The Worst Week Ever?”

  1. Michelle

    That is a gorgeous shot of Laguna Beach. And art stuff and Fred is a brilliant way to distract you from medical stuff…as long as you still attend to the medical stuff. 😀

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      And yes, I have no choice.
      The medical stuff will still be attended to ….

  2. gina

    I so admire you for stepping out of your comfort zone with artwork. Laguna beach photo is just amazing….looks like someone captured the scene on canvas with oils. You’ll be in my thoughts as this week goes by. Best of luck to you, and may peace come to you.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you Gina.
      Art is WAY out of my comfort zone. : )


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