Data Storage

I might go missing for a couple days.

I’m in the middle of a massive data storage update.

Data storage is an ongoing problem for photographers.

RAW files are enormous and take up a tremendous amount of storage space.

In addition, you need to back-up all those huge files multiple times.

I was due for a storage increase prior to getting my new camera.

Now that I have the camera, I can’t work without a lot more data storage.

The Canon 5DS R shoots 51 megapixel photos – the largest of any camera.

(Someone else is sure to come out with a camera that shoots even more megapixels by next week.)

Each photo I take now, with my new camera, is more than twice the size of the photos I was taking a month ago.

My need for increased data storage has become urgent.

I admit, I crossed my fingers and held my breath as I began the process of migrating and increasing storage.

(I’m moving up to a whopping 60 TB of storage!!)

What if my computer and Drobos BLOW UP from all the hours of hard work they’re doing?

Don’t laugh – the fear is real.

Lights are flashing and my computer and Drobos are churning 24/7 right now.

I’ll try to be back to blogging soon.

Isn’t my life EXCITING?


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