Final Friday

Today is the last Friday I consider to be summer.

This has been the longest, most boring, summer of my life.

I’m glad it’s over, even though I know the heat waves will go on … and on, and on for months to come.

Hopefully, monsoon season will end soon?

Monsoon clouds at the beach.

The heat is much more bearable when it isn’t humid.

September gets busy for me, and I’m glad.

The bulk of the tourists will soon leave “my” beaches …. which means I’ll be out shooting more.

I’ve also got a couple short trips etched on my calendar for September.

I love all things FALL, do you?

This weekend, I’m going to attempt to give GIGANTIC FRED a shower.

That should be a very interesting experience.

I’m guessing he’s around 130 pounds now?

If I get a chance, I’m also going to meet with a contractor about some work I need done.

There are three bathrooms in my house and they ALL are in desperate need of a remodel.

I can’t get all three done at the same time.

I hate to even think about what a bathroom remodel costs?


2 Responses to “Final Friday”

  1. Suzanne

    Not yet Missy!
    Fred is constantly dirty.
    I try to clean him myself every two times for every one time I pay to have him professionally groomed!
    I will though!


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