Finally Friday!

Woo hoo!

It’s Friday.

Beautiful sunbeams at sunset in Laguna Beach.

The air conditioning company cancelled on me yesterday …

And then, reversed themselves and showed up at the end of the day after all.

So – yay!

(Apparently it wasn’t the a/c unit itself that was broken … it was a pipe in the evaporator.)


Fred is much happier now that his living environment’s temperature is back in the seventies instead of in the mid-eighties.

(Also?  He grew a foot this week … I’ll try to get some photos this weekend!)

My son returns to Texas today.

I’m sad to see him leave.

But alas, I’ve gotten very behind on work while he’s been here.

It’s back to the  grind  real world for me …!

(Lets see if I can make it through an entire weekend without acquiring any more bruises!)

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  1. Michelle

    Have just read your first two lines and I agree!! (Except it is currently Sunday here, but still….)


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