The Air Conditioner Always Breaks in August

I’ve been without air conditioning for three days.

Hopefully, my broken air conditioner will be fixed today.

The bag of frozen peas on my foot is helping to keep me cool.

Do I have to explain?

Can we just leave it at, “I’m a clutz and I shouldn’t try walking  in the dark  ever?

Or should I tell you about being out in the dark, at night, and a car coming straight at me suddenly and quickly,

And how I managed to push/shove Fred to safety before falling flat on my ass in the middle of the road?

And then, of course, if that were all true …

It might have been followed by an embarrassing encounter with the driver of the car who stopped to see if I was alright.

“I’m fine,” I might have said, as I tossed my hair like a sexy, nonchalant, vixen.

(Acting as if I always sit on my ass with a bloody foot, in the middle of a dark road, at night, while my  pony  giant dog towers over me, lovingly – but worriedly, drooling.)

Isn’t that what most people do when a car unexpectedly drives down a road at night?

Anyway, my air conditioner is broken!!

I’ve been doing my best to keep Fred comfortable and cool.

I live in a canyon and it gets very hot here …

Much hotter than it does at local beaches.

I’m pretty sure my air conditioner breaks every single summer.

(And, yes, I have updated the units themselves.)

Thank goodness it isn’t AS hot as it was a few days ago.

But, hello, it’s August in Southern California!

Hot is hot.

(Since I work from home there is no going off to a nice air conditioned office.)

When I called to schedule a repair I was told the repair folks are crazy-busy and couldn’t make it out for three, way-too-hot, days.

Apparently, everybody’s air conditioning units break every summer.

Keep your fingers crossed they’re able to make the repair today.

Being hot all day makes me cranky.

I guess I should be grateful for my bag of frozen peas?

7 Responses to “The Air Conditioner Always Breaks in August”

  1. Denise

    No air conditioning? Unbearable. It’s cooled off here too but with the Cuesta fire and blowing smoke, I can’t open the windows. Your recent escapades with Fred are sure causing you some physical discomfort. Take care….Summer’s not over yet! 🙂

    • Suzanne

      It is unbearable without a/c.
      Living inland, within a canyon, the marine layer does very little good at my house.
      Smoke is the worst … so sorry you are dealing with it.

      I can’t blame Fred for this incident.
      I think my ancient, way-stretched-out, flip flops are more to blame.
      But yes, my entire body is bruised, sprained, hurting.
      Someone needs to put me in bubble wrap …..

  2. Mj

    Well, I don’t have air conditioning here in San Jose and I live in an upper level condo so I understand just how uncomfortable it can get.
    Just a tip, I always keep blue ice in the freezer and wrap a thin towel around it to rest my feet on. It keeps me cool during the hot days and nights.
    Hope you heal quickly from your mishap!

    • Suzanne

      Blue ice sounds like a great idea – thank you.
      It’s uncomfortable for me, but it’s Fred I worry about.
      Heat can be deadly for him.
      I’ll wrap up some ice bags for him!

  3. Julie J

    Oh gosh Suzanne, you just cannot make this stuff up! I hope you’re getting some cool relief today.

    • Suzanne

      No, I can’t make it up.
      My life is like a bad sit com, I think.

      Hoping the a/c guy hasn’t forgotten me.
      It’s getting late and he still hasn’t shown up ….

  4. Suzanne

    Annnnnnd …. they just called to say they aren’t going to make it out today.


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