Things I am SO Sick of!!

My tolerance for some things has ended.

For instance ….

•  I don’t think I can bear to hear one more word about the Kardashians.

•  I am SO tired of all the politicians and all their political campaigns – is the election over yet?

•  I’m exhausted by “photographers” who think they know it all, but take crappy photos.

•  Insecure women.  Seriously, if you don’t believe in yourself – who will?  You’re awesome – believe it!

•  Middle-aged men who think they’re IT.  You aren’t IT.  You weren’t ever IT.  You just thought you were.  Even if you were halfway IT, you are no longer IT so please stop acting like you’re wanted by women everywhere.

•  Older men with younger women.  I know, I know – men have been doing this forever.  But?  Do all these old guys really think younger women are attracted and/or in love with them?  Do they not see it’s all about their money?  Do they not care?  Or, are their egos so huge they really think women love their Viagra infused, beer-belly, bodies?

•  People with bad manners.  When did it become the norm to have bad manners?

•  Companies who ask to use my photos in return for “exposure.”  Exposure doesn’t pay the bills, folks.  Would you do your job for no paycheck?  And also …?  I’m pretty well established at this point in my career.  I’m very exposed – thank you very much anyway!

•  My arm.  My pain level has been SO BAD lately.  I need a mental break from pain.  I think it’s going on two weeks for this flare-up?  And I just feel like I can’t take it anymore.  Paul Newman is seeing me this morning.  I hope it helps.  I love that man.  I hope he never quits me.  I will crawl in a corner and die without his help.

•  It just occurred to me …. Maybe I’m sick of all these other things because my patience is down due to a high pain level?  But no, I really AM sick of all these things.  ESPECIALLY THE KARDASHIANS!!

•  Myself.  Yep, I exhaust myself.  Why do I always feel like I have to change the world?  Why can’t I be one of those people who’s happy with the status quo?  I’m always pushing myself to do more, be more, and to make CHANGE in the world.  I need to stop thinking I can make a difference.  I frustrate myself.

5 Responses to “Things I am SO Sick of!!”

  1. Mj

    I cannot figure out why the Kardashians are even famous. They need to go off to wherever Paris Hilton went. Another famous for what(?) person.
    Let me add to the list:
    Disrespectful teens, professionals in the work place using language befitting to a drunken sailor, parents speaking to their children in language befitting to a drunken sailor (could be the reason for the disrespectful teenagers), aggressive drivers, micro-managing managers, coworkers who take advantage when the manager is out of the office and consistently show up late with lame excuses, rude people, mean people and my list goes on and on….
    But today, I am choosing to ignore all of it. Headphones are on and I am in my own world so to speak.

  2. Amy

    Being a 40 something woman back in the dating game, I second your frustration with middle aged men, and older women with younger women. I love men, I’ve always had more guy friends than women, and I work as an executive in a very male dominated industry and have very little issue. That being said, the single men my age almost all want to date girls in their 20’s and are very bitter towards those of us in the same age group. I guess we remind them they are aging too? The level of their bitterness has actually made me consider dating men somewhat younger, most of whom, ironically, have no problem dating older women!

    • Amy

      That should have read…older men with younger women!


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