When The Universe Gets Weird

I’ve felt like my world is a little off kilter lately.

I keep thinking, any day now things will get back to “normal” … whatever that is.

Yesterday, I was all over Orange County.

I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in about six months.

She’s older than I am.

She suddenly looks like she’s fifteen.

Yes, she has a new haircut.

But, no, that wasn’t why.

Her appearance was so drastically different, I nearly didn’t recognize her.



Boob job?


But, there was more … she just looked entirely like a different person.

I wanted to ask, “What did you DO?” but that would be rude.

She didn’t look bad, she just looked like a younger, completely different, person.

My brain is still trying to wrap itself around this new person.

And yes, seeing her DID (briefly) make me feel like I’m “doing it wrong.”

Perhaps I should try to be fifteen again also??

Other odd things happened yesterday, too.

I got random text messages from four different “long lost” friends,

The type of friend you usually hear from maybe once a year.

Four separate rarely-heard-from friends in one day!

Isn’t that odd?

Also, a woman I was standing next to began spouting off to me about people’s personalities being explained by their astrological sign.

She was quite serious and even asked me what my “sign” is.

Isn’t it widespread public knowledge astrological “signs” were originally based on faulty, incorrect, science?

Do people really try to pick their relationships based on them?

And/or analyze other people based on their astrological sign?

This woman/stranger seemed clear-headed, not on drugs, and not delusional.

But, she really believes people’s personalities and actions are a result of their astrological signs.

She was prattling on about her husband’s sign, her kids’ signs, etc., etc.

So much strangeness all in one day.

I wonder what the rest of the week will bring?

(Maybe I should go read my horoscope to find out?)

P.S.  I’m a Scorpio – in case you were wondering.





6 Responses to “When The Universe Gets Weird”

  1. Judi

    Please don’t try to look fifteen! You are doing it right. Most of South OC is warped.

    In Japan, they believe your blood type determines your personality, so that’s what someone might ask about when you meet them instead of your sign. I’m an A+ Cancer. 😉

    • Suzanne

      I can’t remember my blood type, but I do remember it is something sort of unusual.
      Which figures, of course.
      I can never be normal ….

  2. Julie J

    Don’t be the typical OC Barbie, just be your genuine self. You seem like a lot of fun, have a great personality and you are attractive. Keep doing it your way. As far as the friends reaching out to you I think it’s a good thing, they were/are thinking of you. I’ll follow what Judi above said: I’m an A+ Pisces.


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