A Week I Wish I Could Forget

This week was crazy, and insane, and bad in so many ways.

But …?

Today is Friday.

And it’s a “long,” holiday, weekend here in the United States.

I’m going to try to forget all the negativity, and focus on enjoying my weekend.

I’ll be up in L.A. doing some photography work part of the weekend.

I, also, hope to get a few hours of art time.

(There wasn’t a single moment to relax all week.)

We don’t have any great art stores here in Orange County.

I hope to visit one (or two, or three?) art stores during my twenty four hours in L.A.

Fred would probably like a trip to the beach too?

Sunset in Laguna – photo taken with Fred’s assistance!

I can see already the weekend will be over way too fast.

By the way, Fred is so tall now ….

How tall is he?

Yesterday, when his tail wagged – it swiped a LARGE tumbler of iced tea right off the table.

Ice cubes and iced, jasmine, tea went everywhere.

Fred looked behind him at the spilled mess.

He was puzzled.

Who was behind him creating such havoc?

Then he decided he could help clean it up by munching on the ice cubes.

Fred LOVES ice cubes.

Oh Fred!

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  1. Judi

    Amazing photo! I hope your weekend helps you shake off the stress of the past week.


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