Fred The Newf – 10 Months

Fred turned ten months old on Sunday.

I took him to the beach for a sunset walk to celebrate.

It’s been so hot lately.

Fred wanted to spend some of his beach time hanging out on the cool, wet, sand.

Fred – Now a 10 Month Old Newfoundland Puppy!

Fred now weighs approximately 130 pounds.

(He kept moving as I tried to weigh him which is why I say “approximately.”)

Every time we go to the beach, Fred gets a lot of attention and love from total strangers.

He doesn’t seem to mind.

(When Fred gets tired of it, he lays down and sighs.  “Why must everyone want to LOVE me?”)

Fred likes to go to the beach.

He enjoys the sand, seeing lots of people, meeting other dogs, and helping me take photos.

He’s afraid of waves that might “get him” when they approach.

They’re fine from a short distance away, but they’re scary up close!

I think Fred will gradually get used to waves as he matures and spends more time around them.

Fred currently LOVES “still” water, sprinklers, and water coming out of a hose.

Sand is fun to run in, to dig in, and to make his belly feel nice and cool.

Fred gets very excited when he realizes he’s getting a trip to the beach.

I was so happy to get some good shots of him at sunset.

It isn’t easy during tourist season when the beaches are crowded.

For Sunday’s walk, we were lucky enough to find a fairly unoccupied little cove.

Fred is a Newfie adolescent now.

He’s morphing from puppy to adult …

And, such a handsome one at that!

8 Responses to “Fred The Newf – 10 Months”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    Basic question-how do you get the sand off Fred and does he transfer it to your car and house? Besides the beautiful portrait of Fred that’s all I can think of!!!!

    • Suzanne

      Newfs are very messy dogs.
      They are pretty much always dirty because of their long fur.
      He does bring some sand into the car, but a lot falls off of him so it isn’t too bad.
      Fred always rides in the back/hatch area of my car so it doesn’t get sandy where I sit – except from me. Ha ha. I think I bring a lot more sand into the car than Fred does.

      I haven’t seen any sand IN the house from Fred, but he gets brushed a lot outside.

  2. Julie J

    Such a beautiful photo Suzanne and Fred is very handsome!

  3. gina

    Fabulous Fred photo! He is just majestic looking….though he’s still a tweenager. Always enjoy Fred posts. Thanks, Suzanne.

  4. Elaine Tyler

    I understand how you have to keep a lot of things confidential, but I am so happy that Fred does not mind when you share photos and stories about him. How I love that dog!!


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