My Life(style) In Photos

It’s Friday!

And …?

Once again,

We are expecting “record breaking” heat here.

Personally, I’m really tired of hot.

I’m very jealous of those of you who get to experience FALL.

Here are a few photos of life, lately.

First, a photo I took during a summer, monsoon, rain storm.

The hummingbirds LOVE the rain!

Hummingbirds flock to feed in the rain.

Most people aren’t used to seeing trains just feet away from the ocean.

I was born here, and I still love the sight of our beach trains.

California trains along the coast.

Clouds and colorful skies are probably the only good thing about monsoon heat waves.

So much color!  It (almost) makes the heat bearable.

I’ll be spending a lot of the weekend trying to stay cool.

Happy weekend!

2 Responses to “My Life(style) In Photos”

  1. tracy lang

    so over this freaking heat!
    Would love to meet you and Fred down at the harbor one day!

  2. Cathy B

    Beautiful photos! love the trains, too. That one is really stylish, looks great against the ocean.


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