In The Last 24 Hours

In the last 24 hours:

•  I’ve discovered what a Newfie puppy acts like in cooler weather.  My calm, relaxed, Newfie disappeared.  He was replaced with a 150 pound puppy filled with total GLEE!  “It’s cool outside, let’s be a hyper puppy like most other puppies are all the time!!”  WHEEEEEE!!

Fred rests while he stops for a quick drink of water.

•  Did I mention how happy I am to have cooler weather?  Honestly, everywhere I go Southern Californians are rejoicing.  Yes, the very same people who normally brag about how great and warm our weather is year round.  Everyone is done with being so, so, hot!

•  As happy as I was for Fred to enjoy cool weather, the timing is a little off since I’m in the worst pain flare up I’ve had in the last year.  This would be a good time for Fred to sleep a lot.  But no, Fred wants to PLAY.  Nonstop!  And, he will not be ignored.  Go ahead, just try to ignore a smiling, gleeful, 150 pound, hyper, puppy who keeps bringing you toys, and sticks, and rocks and …!

Empty beaches – another benefit to cooler weather!

•  I’m giving myself 24 hours to “come down” from this off-the-charts-pain-flare-up on my own.  If it doesn’t happen, I will visit Dr. Painless for an injection.  Ugh!  I do not want to visit Dr. Painless!

•  On a positive note, this reminds me of what my life used to be like every single day for years and years.  I don’t know how I existed.  I feel very fortunate I only get *this* bad once in awhile now.  Thank you to Paul Newman for THAT!  I don’t know what I would do without him – I really don’t.  I think I probably would have either committed suicide or become very dependent on strong pain-med cocktails if he hadn’t come into my life.  And no, I’m not exaggerating at all.  It’s really a horrible thing to live with extreme pain 24/7 and with no end in sight.  I tell Paul Newman I love him five hundred times each week.  He thinks I’m joking, but I’m not.  He’s invaluable!

•  I made spaghetti yesterday.  Spaghetti is a cold weather food.  I make homemade spaghetti sauce.  Homemade spaghetti sauce involves using hands and arms and body parts that don’t work very well for me.  But?  I did it – so yay!

•  I’m reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It’s a book about creativity and the process of being creative.  I’m over halfway through with it.  I can’t say I subscribe to 100% of her theory on creativity, but the author does make some good points.  And, it’s an easy read.  You might enjoy it if you’re in a creative field of work, want to be, and/or you’re a creative person.  Elizabeth Gilbert is also the author of the best selling book Eat, Pray, Love.

•  The links in yesterday’s post were not, initially, working correctly.  I repaired the problem as soon as I was aware of it.  I apologize.  The links are all working now.  (In case you wanted to check out the super-nifty pencil case and/or the lip glosses I mentioned!)

•  Speaking of lip gloss …  I wear very little makeup.  (I wear mascara so my blond eyelashes are visible, and lip gloss so my lips aren’t chapped all the time.)  I don’t even know HOW to wear makeup.  For some reason, I decided to watch a YouTube video on makeup.  I admit, I only got about 30 seconds into the tutorial before I turned it off.  But?  I was AMAZED.  There was a woman with super horrible skin doing the tutorial.  In the opening, she looked stunning.  Then, a few seconds into the video, she showed “how she created her look.”  It showed what she looked like when she first started applying her makeup.  I couldn’t believe how good someone could look who really looks so BAD.  And, what did I learn from the thirty seconds I watched?  I could have looked a lot nicer my entire life if only I wore makeup!  (However, I still don’t wear it and I never will because I just don’t have the patience or desire!)

•  Supposedly, there’s going to be a pumpkin shortage this year.  (As in, canned pumpkin not the pumpkins you might buy for your porch at Halloween.)  This might be important for some of you?  At my house, it’s important and I’ve begun stocking up on canned pumpkin.  (Not the pumpkin pie filling, but just the plain, unsweetened, canned pumpkin.)  Why, you might ask?  Fred was given a small scoop of canned pumpkin after each meal by his breeder.  I’ve continued doing so since Fred came home with me last January.  I hide his vitamins/supplements in the pumpkin.  He loves pumpkin so much he gobbles it down and thinks he’s getting dessert.  After every meal, Fred comes RUNNING to get his special pumpkin treat.  (Fred also loves carrots and apples, but he doesn’t get either as often as he gets pumpkin.)

4 Responses to “In The Last 24 Hours”

  1. Judi

    I stocked up on pumpkin, too. The Costco at the District has a 3-pack of the 30 ounce cans for $6.99, but it didn’t look like they had many left yesterday.

    I’ve watched those makeup tutorials and it seems like you have to buy so many products and spend so much time applying them all just so…. I’m way too impatient and kind of over what other people think of me for the most part. I do wear a little makeup every day, but it only takes me 5 minutes and everything I use comes from the drugstore.

    • Suzanne

      I’ll have to make a Costco trip and see what I can find as far as pumpkin goes.

      I agree, makeup seems like way too much money, time, and effort.
      I don’t think it can be very good for your skin to have all that stuff on it.

  2. Julie

    Yay, so happy it’s finely cool there for you! I hope your arm gets fixed soon so you can take advantage of the nice weather.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      Yep, it’s great to finally be a little cooler.
      I can still get out and about but I can’t do any shooting until my arm calms down.


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