My Dog is Neurotic!

I got home from Texas Saturday evening.

I worked my a$$ off while I was there, but I managed to finish everything in one week.

(Fingers crossed no loose ends pop up requiring a return trip!)

It was a super tightly-scheduled week with absolutely no down time.

I was stressed, and I got very little sleep.

I barely ate because I was so rushed and stressed.

Apparently, Fred is a lot like me.

This was the longest I’ve been away from him.

He was spoiled rotten while I was gone.

He got to stay at home in the environment he’s used to.

He got lots of love, walks, visitors, and play time.

But …?

On Thursday I got a call saying Fred seemed a little “off.”

I was pretty sure it was nothing, but I made a vet appointment for the weekend.

I figured I would have the appointment available for my return “just in case” Fred got worse.

On Friday morning I got an urgent call.

Fred’s dog sitter was panicking over some of Fred’s symptoms.

I became very concerned.

His dog sitter rushed him off to the vet, and I immediately texted the breeder I got Fred from.

(Fred’s breeder continues to be my resource for all Newfie-related matters.  She is AWESOME!)

The breeder told me Fred’s tummy-related issues were caused by one of two causes.

Colitis … caused by stress.

Or a bacterial infection.

She reassured me both were easily treatable and told me Fred would be fine.

Well, I immediately scoffed at the possibility of colitis.

Fred has no stress!

Fred was having the week of his life and I’d been receiving nonstop photos to prove it!

Fred was having FUN without me.

A short while later, my vet called.

My dog sitter had dropped Fred off with a list of symptoms.

The vet called to ask me a few questions about Fred.

I informed the vet I’d be glad to help, but since I was in Texas and away from Fred, I might have to refer her to the dog sitter.

There was a pause from my vet.

“How long have you been away from Fred?” asked my vet.

And just like that, she informed me Fred was missing me.

Fred was so worried about me he had made himself sick with worry.

(Never mind he was having a GREAT time.  Where was his mommy??)

“Seriously?” I asked the vet.

“Yep,” she answered.  “Fred is very worried about your absence.”

I was reunited with Fred Saturday evening.

He’s on a bland diet for a few days to calm down his stressed-out nervous tummy.

He’s getting lots of love and cuddles, and reassurance, from me.

Fred lost seven pounds while I was gone.

I’m sure, given a week to ten days, he will be 100% back to normal.

I don’t have any other trips coming up in the near future.

But, I’m now totally panicked about my New Zealand trip.

What am I going to do about Fred?

9 Responses to “My Dog is Neurotic!”

  1. Michelle

    About New Zealand…I’d say take Fred with you, but the time in quarantine would not be worth it, you’d be home before he got out. And I’m not going to say stay home either. So, I have no answer for you, sorry. 🙁

    Unless you have a son or daughter who might stay with him whilst you are gone. You know, being family might help.

    • Suzanne

      My two boys live far away, and my daughter’s job keeps her too far to help out.
      At least I have a little time to come up with a solution?

  2. Judi

    Awwww, poor Fred! It’s great that he’s so bonded to you, though.

    We’re worried about what to do with our kitty when we go on vacation next month. Last time, my sister moved into our house, but now she has her own cat and can’t stay at our place. Buddy is a rambunctious kitten and can get destructive. He lived in a few different homes before we got him, so he has abandonment issues, I think.

    • Suzanne

      I’m beginning to think ALL animals have abandonment issues!
      Good luck finding someone to take care of Buddy!

    • Suzanne

      Fred has separation anxiety when he’s away from me, apparently.
      I guess that’s a downside to a service animal that is used to being by your side 24/7.
      : (

  3. Mj

    To hopefully put you at ease, most dogs and cats have this issue when their owners leave. I see it all the time with the animals I house-sit with and I feel sorry for them because they don’t understand that their owners will return. Maybe his sitter can put something that you have worn in his bed so he can smell your scent and maybe be calmed a tad bit.

    • Suzanne

      I think you’re right and it probably is common.
      I like the idea of leaving him with a piece of my clothing.
      Maybe that will help ….

  4. Annette

    It may help if you leave Fred with the same caregiver over and over between now and New Zealand. Say a couple hours here…a half day there… a full day another time. Switch it up. As he see’s that his caregiving is consistent and you always return, his symptoms may lessen. I like the idea of leaving some clothing you have worn so he will have your scent handy.

    I wonder if skyping would be good too? Say you go out for a few hours and skype him while away? Do that a few times so he is used to it. Then when you take a long trip he will be used to that and maybe used to the idea that you are ok and coming back?


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