Since I’ve Been Home …

I’m almost caught up from being out of town for a week.

I think Fred has (maybe?) forgiven me for leaving him.

I hate it when Mom leaves!  Fred The Newf 11 months old.

His tummy isn’t 100% back to normal, but he seems to be feeling better each day.

I’ve been giving him lots of love, tummy rubs, and reassurance I’ll always come back to him.

He’s just a baby in a gigantic, furry, body.

Today, I’m spending some time at one of the few Canon service centers in the United States.

I have a *situation* with my Canon 24-70 lens.

Camera © 2015 Suzanne Haggerty W

Shattered camera lens.

It’s the first lens I’ve ever broken … which is pretty remarkable considering the miles I’ve put on my gear.

My camera bag dropped off a wall hook and landed on cement.

Wouldn’t you think, with all the shoots I’ve done, I’d have a better story for a shattered lens than a bag falling off of a wall hook?

The lens is insured, and I’m a platinum member of Canon Professional Services.

So, fortunately, I’ll be able to have the lens repaired (or replaced) at little to no cost.

Still, it makes my heart hurt to see a nice lens shattered.

In other news …

•  My arm hurts SO much right now.  I haven’t seen Paul Newman for nearly two weeks.  I hate being dependent on a man, but I can’t function without that guy.  Sigh!

•  I haven’t had time for art these last two weeks.  I did, however, do some light doodling/sketching and watercolor painting on my flights to and from Texas.  It surprises me how much I enjoy it.  Hopefully, I’ll have a little time for art play next weekend.

There’s always too much to do, and so little time to play.

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  1. Judi

    That face!!! <3 Fred

    Curious what Canon said about your lens.


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