Update ….

I’ve been taking a little blog break while I try to get my pain level under control.

I think (??) I’m starting to improve?

I’ve been on pain meds for three days and it’s hard to communicate a clear thought while I’m taking them.

(I’ve just been hibernating and trying to wait it out.)

Fred and I are restless to be out shooting, but I also know if I do *anything* I will just prolong my misery.

It’s too bad because the weather has been great and I would have loved the camera time outdoors.

(I’ve, also, had such an incredible desire for a road trip to ANYWHERE!)

Hopefully, if I take the time off now I’ll be back to normal sooner.

Maybe this weekend if I’m lucky?

In any case, I’ve been keeping busy with house chores, taking care of Fred, and watching way too many YouTube videos.

How do people have time to make so many YouTube videos?

And, unless you’re house-bound for some reason (like I currently am),

Who has time to WATCH them?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know the latest.

This has been a bad, bad, BAD flare-up.

I don’t say that for sympathy,

But, just to explain why I’m not my usual charming, witty, self.


I hope to be back soon ….

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  1. Julie

    Get to feeling better! The weather will be waiting for you when you’re feeling up to it.


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