Weather and Mood Swings

I came home to cool, fall-ish, winter-ish, weather.

I was SO excited.

Stormy day in Orange County!

I’m not exaggerating, in the least, when I say I’ve been hot for three years straight.

Blame it on  my wild hormone swings  California’s drought and our nonstop, record-breaking, heat waves!

We even got a little rain the past couple days – which is cause for celebration around here.

(Alas, it’s supposed to be back up into the 90’s (33C) by next weekend.)

It’s AMAZING how much a break in the heat can inspire a person.

I went grocery shopping (mainly so I can keep Fred on his “bland diet.”)

While I was at the store, I bought all the ingredients to make homemade chicken noodle soup.

After months of not feeling like cooking, I instantly wanted to take on the kitchen once the weather cooled.

(By the way, Fred is on a temporary diet of boiled chicken, white rice, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, and pumpkin!)

I also found myself starting “idea lists” for holiday gifts.

I didn’t mean to, but I was reading an article and it listed some interesting ideas.

I didn’t want to forget them so I started jotting down notes.

I can guarantee I wouldn’t have bothered if it was sunny and hot outside.

The cooler weather just made me feel like holidays.

Fall is my favorite time of year season-wise.

We don’t get many fall-ish days here, so I have to make the most of the ones we do get.

Fred LOVES the cooler weather, too.

After all, his breed was “made” to swim in the icy waters off Newfoundland, Canada … dragging heavy fishing nets in from the sea, day after day.

Fred, of course, was born in hot, tropical, San Diego.

But, when the weather gets cool, Fred’s nose twitches with excitement.

He romps around like an energetic puppy and chases leaves into the swimming pool.

My daughters says she thinks Fred is looking for Canada.

He’s pretty sure he’ll find it … just around the next corner.


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