I don’t know where this week went?

I was so busy, and yet I only got a fraction of my “to-do list” done.

Today is Fred’s ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY!!

I’m going to try to get a good birthday photo of him today.

(I’ll post it on Facebook if I get a chance!)

I also want to get him in to be weighed.

Yesterday, Fred had a play date (at Dana Point Harbor) with his 8 month old cousin, Dexter.

Dexter is 90 pounds and he looked like a small dog next to Fred.

I see Fred all the time, so I forget how truly gigantic he really is until I see him with other Newfs.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “I’ve never seen a Newfoundland as big as he is!”

(All Newfies are gigantic – Fred is just super sized.)

Anyway, Fred went absolutely crazy with Dexter.

He was SO excited to see another Newf.

In other news/updates –

•  Fred did come back clean from the groomer, but they did NOT cut his ears correctly.  They’re still very long and shaggy.

I may have to buy a pair of dog shears and learn to do them myself.

(I haven’t attempted cutting Fred’s hair because of my arm.  I think I might “ruin” him if I try to cut left handed.)

Also, Fred only stayed clean for about five minutes before he was a mess again.

It’s impossible to keep a Newfie clean.

•  My pain level is back to normal (for me) thanks to Paul Newman.  I‘m so grateful to him.

•  My Roterfaden (birthday present to myself) arrived late yesterday.  I was surprised at how quickly it arrived.  I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.  (My birthday isn’t until Monday, anyway.)

•  It’s BEAUTIFUL here.  I love Southern California when it’s like this.

•  My house is a disaster and I have people coming over today.  I remember when I used to worry about things like that.

•  I’m so excited for the weekend because I’m not in horrible pain and the weather is nice, and I want to be outside and play, play, play!

•  Hopefully, I’ll have lots of photos for you next week – of both Fred’s birthday and Halloween …..


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