A Baby Bird And A Giant Dog

Fred seems to be providing stories for me on a daily basis lately.

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Fred The Newf

Yesterday, I returned home in the late morning.

Fred gave me a warm welcome and then went outside to drink from his water bucket.

A moment later, I looked outside and saw him standing quite still, lurking over something.

I thought, at first, he was taunting a lizard.

But then, I saw Fred was actually staring intently at a small, baby, robin which was between his two front legs.

The bird had seen giant Fred and, instead of attempting to fly away, froze on the spot.

I gasped at the sight of Gigantic Fred with the small, delicate, baby bird.

Fred was five hundred percent focused on his new friend/toy and it was clear, from his wagging tail, he wanted to PLAY with it.

“Leave it,” I commanded Fred.

But, right as I vocalized the command, the baby bird hopped forward a couple feet.

Fred was overjoyed.

This game had become FUN!

He was instantly hovering (lurking!) over the baby bird again.

He waited patiently to see what the baby bird would do.

“Touch,” I said.

Touch is the command Fred ALWAYS obeys.

Touch means he gets a free treat for doing nothing but coming to get it.

But, Fred had become deaf.

Fred gave no indication of having heard me at all.

I was shocked … Fred has never NOT responded to “touch.”

As I tried to digest Fred’s outright dismissal of me, the baby bird hopped forward again.

Fred was instantly bounding after it.

I turned away to grab Fred’s collar/leash which was just a step away.

With my back turned, I heard a bit of a commotion and then the squeaks of the baby bird.

I was afraid to turn around and see the fate of the bird.

But, I did turn.

Fred stood at attention staring at me in delight –

With a full mouth, and his jowls clamped shut.

I heard a squeak from inside his closed mouth.

“Drop!” I ordered.

Fred spit out the baby bird.

Then Fred gave me a look … clearly, VERY disappointed with me.

I slipped Fred’s collar/leash on him and walked him into the house.

As I did so, I watched the baby bird take a couple small hops.

I sighed with relief.

In a millisecond it took flight and perched in one of my backyard trees.

Later in the day, I saw it again and I knew, for certain, it was FINE.

Fred was fine, too, of course.

I noticed him looking around for his new friend every time he went out during the remainder of the day.

Baby Bird is Fred’s favorite toy ever.

Me …?

Well, I was traumatized by the incident.

Life with Fred is a never-ending ADVENTURE.

I wonder what today will bring?

6 Responses to “A Baby Bird And A Giant Dog”

  1. Julie

    Fred seems to be quite the gentle giant. Can’t wait to hear what Fred gets into today.

    • Suzanne

      He is gentle, but he doesn’t realize how big he is.
      He’s a sweet puppy in a super-sized body!

  2. Mj

    Phew! I was almost afraid to read this post. I am so thankful that Fred didn’t hurt the baby bird and is not in REAL trouble.

    • Suzanne

      No, Fred did not get in trouble.
      He is a full time project though!
      : )


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