And Then …

I’m crazy busy right now which must mean the holidays are approaching.

Yes, I did get quite wet taking this beach sunset photo.

I’ve begun working on my next “Favorites” post and it should (hopefully) be up tomorrow.

Of course, I’m also in the midst of Pain Horror because that is what ALWAYS seems to happen this time of year.

You’d think I’d be used to it by now?

Fred is keeping me busy also.

Fred is a Newfie adolescent now, and like a human adolescent …

Fred only listens when he feels it’s in his best interest.

Fred CAN be a perfect Newf when he feels like it.

“When he feels like it” is not, however, good enough.

Yesterday, Fred met up with his adorable Newfie cousin Dexter and Fred/Dexter’s dog trainer.

Dexter is still an obedient puppy.

Fred is a headstrong teenager.

The trainer gave me some helpful tips.

I know I’ll be doing more training sessions as we go through this phase of Fred’s development.

I’ve been told the next few months are the most challenging as a Newfie parent.

Supposedly, once Fred reaches age two – the rest will be easy.


Don’t get me wrong,

Fred is still his lovable self.

And, he’s really well behaved ninety percent of the time.

But, when he’s not well behaved …

He’s REALLY not well behaved.

It’s part of the process and I know we’ll end up where we want to be in time.

I’ve got another overbooked day today.

I’ll try to get some up to date photos of Fred for you this week.

And, barring technical problems, I’ll have a “Favorites” post published tomorrow.

2 Responses to “And Then …”

  1. Michelle

    I think my 12yo Cocker Spaniel is still in the teenage years. Actually, I think she still thinks she’s a puppy!!

    Hope the pain settles for you, and the training tips make like with a teenage Newfie a little easier. 🙂

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