Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy birthday to me!

I’m 24 again today!

It’s always so nice to turn 24.

(Except this year, I noticed 24 is NOT looking at all like 24 used to look.)

Fred was spoiled all day last Friday – his one year birthday.

Fred snoring happily next to his birthday hat.

Fred weighed-in at 140lbs (63.5kg) on the morning of his birthday.

Fred isn’t done growing.  He’ll grow for at least one more year.

Many Newfs continue growing until they’re four years of age.

Fred didn’t want to wear his Halloween costume, so we settled for just a hat.

Sheriff Fred made sure the trick-or-treaters stayed safe on Halloween.

It was a very busy weekend at my house.

It was also a really beautiful weekend here.

I was in Laguna on Sunday and it was picture perfect.

I strolled through shops and galleries, and walked along the beach.

I even indulged in a birthday gelato from Gelato Paradiso … one of the best gelato shops in California.

It was a nice treat.

My week, this week, is kind of crazy.

I might try to sneak away to a coffee shop to get some quality blogging/writing time.

There seem to be a lot (!!!) of distractions/interruptions otherwise.

(And, I have so many things I want to write about.)


Can you tell I’m having a difficult time getting quiet time to write?

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