The Old Man And A Dog

I’m recovering from a few days of sick time.

Nothing serious, of course.

Just my annual fall Santa-Ana-Winds induced sinus and respiratory infection.

My cough sounds like a deep, enormous, foghorn.


My family doc was kind enough to call some medication in for me over the weekend with the promise I would come in and see him this morning.

Anyway, I will be fine in a day or two.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a recent story.

Last week, I took Fred to a nearby park for a walk.

Fred is bigger than most humans so he always attracts a lot of attention.

I noticed an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair looking, curiously, towards Fred.

The elderly man had a medical aide with him.

The aide was sitting on a bench nearby, looking at his iphone, and ignoring the old man.

It appeared the elderly man was in very poor health.

He looked lonely, sad, and very frail.

I have a weakness for old men.  I don’t know why, but I always have.

I took Fred over for a visit.

I approached slowly and, at first, kept Fred a small distance away from the man and his wheelchair.

The old man begged me to bring Fred closer so he could feel his soft coat.

I did.

The elderly man was elated.

He pet Fred for a long time.

Fred behaved perfectly.  I was SO proud of him!

Fred, eventually, rested his big gigantic head on the man’s lap and very gently “kissed” his hand.

The man BEAMED.

He had made a new friend named Fred, and it made his day.

Even the medical aide had put aside his phone to come meet Fred.

The aide became engaged, and was clearly thrilled to see the old man’s response to Fred.

I was feeling like a good person for noticing the elderly man and how sad/alone he seemed.

I was proud of Fred for, instinctively, knowing to be extra gentle with the frail man.

After a fairly long visit, I began making our goodbyes.

I leaned down to adjust Fred’s collar.

And, when I looked up …?

I saw the elderly man was staring down my shirt – taking in an unobstructed view of my cleavage.


It instantly ruined my illusion of altruism.

6 Responses to “The Old Man And A Dog”

  1. Judi

    Hahahaha! Well, you gave the old man a thrill he probably hasn’t had in a long time.

    • Suzanne

      I suppose I did.
      I guess I shouldn’t be surprised …
      They don’t change until they take their last breath.

  2. Julie

    I wasn’t prepared for that one! I thought you were going to say that the elderly man started to weep because you and Fred were leaving. HAHAHAHA

  3. Gina

    Ok, so I’m thinking this is such a heartwarming story…what joy Fred brought to this man, even his aide. But, I’m telling you, the last few lines of your post just made me feel sick at heart. That said, Fred’s goodness and kindness are just amazing….perhaps canine cloning will be available soon! A world full of Freds would be just perfect😊

    • Suzanne

      A world of Freds would be joyful and loving.
      I just had to shake my head.
      I guess it doesn’t matter what age a man is …


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