Update …

The blog will be down much of the weekend due to maintenance by my provider.

But, I wanted to post a brief update because I know many of you are (very kindly) concerned about me after reading today’s earlier post.

I don’t know if you will even see this until Monday?

My orthopedic surgeon examined my arm Friday morning and agreed it definitely has a hole in it.

He thinks the deltoid muscle has torn and the rest of my arm is a bit beat up too.

He wants me to get an MRI, and I probably will be doing that after my family has left …

I’ll have people here for the next week.

A tear can heal by itself if it isn’t too horrible and if everything is still attached.

Without an MRI we don’t know how bad it is and/or whether it’s fully attached or not.

(Having a visible hole in my arm isn’t a great sign though.)

Healing without surgery would, of course,  be the best case scenario.

But, even then, it takes a long timesix weeks to four months depending on the tear.

I’m, obviously, pretty bummed out.

I know it does no good to be upset about things you can’t change,

But I’d be lying if I said I was anything other than depressed about this.

(Being in a lot of pain doesn’t help the situation.)

However, I’m very grateful I’ve got a strong medical support team.

If I’m going to have to go through MORE,

It’s good to know I’ve got great people to help me through whatever I have to deal with.

I’m not sure what my blogging schedule will be over the next week.

Family visiting, holidays, pain meds, etc. …

But, if I get a chance to post I will.

2 Responses to “Update …”

  1. Jenny

    Thank you for the update. Well, a glimmer of hope is in there somewhere, I think!

    The range of emotions this brings up (yikes) and yes, with the increase in pain – no apologies are needed for how you feel. No way around it – this sucks!

    I hope you can enjoy some of your moments over the next week with some relief of the pain and just be honest with everyone… you feel like shi*! That is where you are at right now. Not how you hoped it would be… but it is what it is. Surround yourself with the love of your family knowing their hearts hurt for what you are going through. Hopefully you can build a few new good memories in this coming week.


  2. Beverly

    Take care of yourself. Let your family pamper you this holiday season.


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