December 10th

Is it “just me” or has the world been filled with terrible news stories lately?

I’m doing my best to avoid all types of news media because my heart can’t bear to hear one more story about guns and mass killings.

And, I would be extremely happy to never, ever, hear the name of the TV show host who decided to run for President this year.

(I can’t bring myself to even type his name, but you know who.)

For that matter, I’d prefer not to hear about any of the politicians.


My calendar tells me Christmas Eve is in fourteen days.

I don’t have a tree, I haven’t decorated anything, and I’m not remotely on track for the holidays.

I keep adding things to my “to do” list, and it’s now several pages long.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take things OFF my to do list.


I’m going to be out of town for three of the remaining fourteen days.

I have one “free” day between now and Christmas so *everything* will have to get done on that day.


This will be Fred’s first Christmas.

(He was an infant-pup and still with his dog-mom last Christmas.)

I wonder what he’ll think of a Christmas tree?

It could be a disaster.

I guess I’ll find out fairly soon?

I know he’ll love having my kids home to play with him.

Today, I’m spending my morning with Paul Newman.

Paul Newman is, and has to be, a priority in my life.

In fact, he is the biggest priority in my life right now.

(Thank goodness I have him to help me.)


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