December 15th

I’m back in Orange County after a whirlwind three days in the L.A. area.

It was beautiful in L.A. …. crystal clear, snow capped mountains in the distance, etc.

The wonderful people at The Huntley Hotel rolled out the red carpet for me once again.

Huntley TV © 2015 Suzanne Haggerty W

The TV in my room welcomed me!

I LOVE the Huntley.

They’ve mastered small customer service gestures which add up to a lovely stay.

I was very busy my entire time in L.A., so I didn’t knock out any gift shopping.

I did take a couple hours to visit LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), though.

I’m a member at LACMA so I get notified about various special exhibits and events.

Right now, and through the month of March, LACMA has a special exhibit on Frank Gehry.

I love photographing Frank Gehry’s architecture, but I’ve never taken the time to learn many details about the man himself.

I really enjoyed the exhibit.  I was so glad I made the time to go see it.

I’m fascinated by creative people because creative people think DIFFERENTLY.

It’s really interesting to hear the story behind the person.

And, of course, I did manage to take in ONE sunset while I was there.

I took a walk along the bluffs Saturday evening.

Beautiful sunset in Santa Monica!

I have family arriving in three days.

I still don’t have a Christmas tree and I haven’t decorated or bought most of the gifts I need to.

I have one free day this week …

How much can a crazed, one-armed, woman get done in a 24 hour period?

I guess I’ll find out SOON!

3 Responses to “December 15th”

    • Suzanne

      I mainly need gifts I have to shop for at this point.
      I’ve done what I can online.
      Now, if only I could shop for a tree online and have someone with two working arms come set it up for me …..

  1. Michelle

    I have no ideas for Christmas shopping. And live on the other side of the world, so aren’t able to come set up a tree for you either. 🙁

    But I did watch a documentary on Frank Gehry and a building he did in Sydney and think the exhibition would be amazing, so am a little jealous on that front. 😉


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