MRI and MRI Again!

I had my first MRI (for the week) on Wednesday evening.

The first MRI was of my right (bum) shoulder.

I’ve been told the inside of my shoulder looks fairly similar to it’s usual post-a-zillion-surgeries self.

I guess it is a good thing nothing major has changed …

Well, except for the big indentation/gap/hole in my arm a couple inches below my shoulder.

“My hole,” as I now call it, was visible in MRI #1, but difficult to understand.

I had my second MRI (for the week) last night.

The second MRI was to take a look at the rest (the non-shoulder-parts) of my “bad” arm.

I also had a visit with Paul Newman on Thursday.

Someone needs to give that man an award.

Not only is he an awesome physical therapist, but he’s also a great (unpaid!) shrink.

“No Suzanne, most people don’t grow holes in their arms, but it will make you more special!”

(And then I, immediately, felt much better about myself.)

There were also countless phone calls and text messages to and from my doc over the past few days.

In other words,

I don’t want to hear about how you’re all done shopping for the holidays because my entire life is consumed with medical crap right now.

(But that doesn’t mean I’m not silently stressing about the holidays!  Fa la la la la!!)

Now that the medical insurance hassles are done.

And, the MRIs are done.

I will (hopefully?) have some time to get my life back to sort-of-normal.

I’ll be seeing my doc next week to review MRI results, etc.

In the meantime …

I’m behind on absolutely everything else in my life.

Maybe I’ll be able to catch up a little over the weekend?

6 Responses to “MRI and MRI Again!”

  1. Jenny

    Yay! MRIs are done! Step in the right direction.
    And of course you are special…now, you are ‘really’ special. 😀

    The last new doc I went to says to me after looking over my history… ‘what in the hell did I do to deserve a nightmare patient like you’? (smirk) I told him ‘the universe apparently thought he was bored and brought me to him’. Always helps to have a doctor with a sense of humor and has a smart-ass attitude like I have.

    I am sure everyone in your life will understand if ‘stuff’ doesn’t get done the way you hope to have it done. I hope you get encouraging news next week and get some of your to do list accomplished.
    – Jenny

  2. Missy Stalcup

    Jenny always has a great way with words! Just take it one step at a time sister!

  3. Elaine Tyler

    I am praying for you Suzanne. I cannot even imagine what that much ongoing kind of pain feels like. I’m still in love with Fred and the clincher is that I’m just not a dog person. Yet I am just so drawn to him it’s incredible. I think it is amazing you do so much in spite of your bum arm. When I am in the least bit of pain, I just want to stay home and for the rest of the world to go away. Of course, I’m almost 70 too which is a big difference from your young age. At any rate, just wanted to send you my very best wishes for this holiday season, and I hope your MRI results bring you much hope!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      I love that you love Fred!
      He really is a special dog and it makes me happy to hear you think so too.


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