Muddling Through December

Hello, hello!

I’ve been inconsistent with posts and I imagine I will continue to be inconsistent throughout  the holidays.

I still don’t have a Christmas tree, but I think I’ve resigned myself to having the most disorganized Christmas ever.

(Hey, it isn’t every year a person develops an unexplainable hole in their arm accompanied by a heaping dose of pain.)

On a positive note, family members begin arriving at my house this Friday.

I was stressed about not having every/anything ready for them.

Now, I realize Christmas will *have to be* a group effort.

Extra hands will provide some much needed help.

I’ve also come to the realization, I need to break down and hire some help in 2016.

Maybe a part-time person to help out with all the things I find so difficult to do with just my left hand?

While I’ve been stressing about all the Christmas-related things I need to do ….

Fred Resting © 2015 Suzanne Haggerty WW

Fred relaxes on his cot.  (iPhone)

Fred is keeping holiday stress at bay.

Fred’s only stress, ever, is if I leave him.

It’s his job to take care of me and he gets very stressed if/when he can’t be with me to do just that.

In other news, I was recently given something called the DASH test.

I had never heard of it before, but it’s a disability test.

I flunked.

The results said my arm is “severely” disabled.

It made me feel bad ….

There’s nothing like flunking a test to make a person feel like a failure.

But, I’ve since been informed failing the DASH test might actually help me get long-term care without constantly having to fight for it?

(You know … with medical insurance companies!)

So, I guess there are positives even when things aren’t great.

2 Responses to “Muddling Through December”

  1. Jenny

    Hey flunky… this is a good thing ‘considering’ your situation! Probably the only time you can allow your feelings to shift toward being proud at that title. ;-P
    (It SUCKS that your arm is this way and creates so much pain and aggravation for you – and for that…I am sorry this is part of your journey)

    I so wish I lived closer to you – I would totally be your other arm.

    I hope your family will enjoy this year’s Christmas because they do get to help you. Perhaps it will create a new energy for this year’s holiday… the fact that they get to add their touch to the celebration. I really do hope everyone can enjoy the time together and create some good memories for you. Find some laughs and enjoy your company and let’s hope 2016 brings great things for you!



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