My Arm is Still Connected to my Body

I didn’t want to write another post about my arm, but I feel like I can’t leave everyone *just wondering* either.

I’ll Follow Your Lead – Pelicans in Flight at Sunset (Laguna Beach)

My doc reviewed the MRIs with me yesterday and there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is I won’t be having surgery (at this time), because he doesn’t think there’s anything surgery could fix.

(Well, that’s not exactly true because for quite awhile he’s said I need one more shoulder surgery.)

But, in relation to this most recent incident – there’s nothing that can be done surgically.

It’s very GOOD news to not be scheduling a surgery.

He thinks I’ve experienced a mid-muscle tricep tear which is a “leave it alone” type of thing.

He also thinks I might have some small tears at the point where the tricep tendon attaches to the elbow, but the tendon is still attached.

(My elbow hurts and it never has before.)

In other words, the big hole on the back of my arm is there to stay.

It might even get bigger because he thinks the tissue in the surrounding area is dying.

I don’t really understand WHY, but suffice it to say, my arm has been traumatized more than it likes.

Also, I’m pretty sure “tissue” is another word for fat.

I guess you could say, in addition to everything else, I’ve ripped a hole in my fat?  (But not in my skin.)

And now it’s making surrounding fat die?

(Next up, I need to find a way to injure my a$$ and hope it also makes all the surrounding tissue/fat die??)

For now, Paul Newman will help me survive the next few weeks.

The latest trauma to my arm will (hopefully), eventually calm down pain-wise.


I sure hope it hurries up because right now it’s too painful to use my arm for even the small stuff I used to be able to use it for.

However, I realized many years ago there is no rushing ANYTHING with my arm.

I’ll do what I can with my left hand/arm/shoulder.

Everything else will have to wait.

8 Responses to “My Arm is Still Connected to my Body”

  1. Michelle

    Good news on no surgery. 🙂 Though, not good news in that nothing can be done. 🙁 And great that the tendon is still attached. Because six weeks not being able to do a thing at all with the arm can be a trial (I’ve lived with it lately 🙂 ). Hoping Paul Newman can ease the pain.

    Don’t forget to rest your left hand/arm/shoulder as well. Take all the help that is offered – even if it means things aren’t done to your standard.

    • Suzanne

      Unfortunately, this won’t ever heal but pain-wise I’m told to expect six weeks to four months.
      So, I still will have a minimum of 6 weeks of it being useless.
      (It’s 95% useless ALL the time so I guess I should say MORE useless.)
      But, it is what it is so I will put one foot in front of the next and move forward.

  2. Julie

    Glad for no surgery, for now anyway. I wish it would all just go away for you!
    Let me know if you find a way to injure the lower region so I can do the same injury, ha!!

  3. LisaK

    Well good news then?! Wishing you the best and hang in there!

  4. Judi

    ” I need to find a way to injure my a$$” — only YOU could find a way to make this funny! Very glad it’s not all bad news and that you don’t need surgery over the holidays.


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