Blonde Moments

Yesterday, was a holiday here in the United States.

January in Orange County – Railroad Tracks along beach

I knew it …

And, forgot it, all at the same time.

I’m expecting a package from overseas and it requires a signature at delivery.

Yesterday morning, I checked the package’s tracking information and it said the package was out for delivery “today.”

My brain accepted this fact as truth – completely forgetting there’s no mail delivery on holidays.

I rearranged my day … putting off my errands and plans so I would be home to sign for the package.

At noon, I began feeling impatient for the mail delivery.

I had stuff to DO … I sure wished my mail lady would show up SOON.

Instead, Fed-Ex dropped off a different (way less exciting!) delivery.

(Fed-Ex, obviously, works on national holidays.)

The Fed-Ex delivery calmed me down for awhile as I continued to wait for the signature required mail delivery.

At 1:00 p.m., I bemoaned how late my mail person was running.

At 1:30 I realized there would be no mail delivery due to the holiday and knew I had wasted most of my day.

At 1:31 I realized I’ll be waiting around to sign for the package all over again tomorrow/today ….

Effectively, doubling the amount of time I’ve wasted.

These are the blonde moments I’m most proud of?

Oh well, my arm is such a disaster right now, maybe it’s best I have a slow day or two?

In the meantime, here’s a photo of a wind-blown Fred playing chase with me on the beach last weekend:

Fred Beach Chase © Suzanne Haggerty 2016 W

“Chase me again!”  —  Fred The Newf

Fred sure has fun romping at the beach.

Silhouette Fred the Newf © Suzanne Haggerty 2016 W

Fred The Newf enjoys watching a beach sunset.

Fred always takes a long nap after beach time.

Walking on the sand is hard work?


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